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The Lake Update for September 2013


Another month of blogging done, and with the end of summer comes a slew of changes that will continue till the year’s end; can you believe it’ll be two years of running this blog come November?  In this update I’ll detail an upcoming tournament I’ll be working on, the new “school-friendly” blogging  schedule, and other plans for September.

I’m sure you don’t care about how much traffic the site is generating but I’ve consistently cracked 300 hits a day, an increase of 100 viewers over the last month or so.  To all the new readers, thanks so much for enjoying my work and hopefully you’ll be sticking around.  It really needs to be Bill Holden day everyday because the site saw over 400 people checking out my review of Picnic as well as my Gone Too Soon blogathon post on Maggie MacNamara from last year!  The more people who read the site, the better the chances of great review material and giveaways to give to you loyal fans.  Remember, if you have any recommendations/film suggestions/etc you can contact me via Twitter (@Journeys_Film) or via Facebook ( and the email is always

I will be returning to school on Tuesday, and with that daily blogging will be phased out (the Summer Under the Stars schedule was far more work than I expected).  I will be making a point to post something new Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays.  I might put up something on off days if it’s quick, but I do need a chance to do homework, other work, and simply take a breather.  One thing I discovered with daily blogging is I need to get back into enjoying films for entertainment, and not work so hopefully the reduced writing schedule will help.  I do have quite a few reviews pre-written and you’ll see those in the coming days.  Book reviews will be fairly intermittent as I will already have a lot of reading to do for school, so that will be on an as-needed basis.  Saturdays will continue to be devoted to Journeys in the Disney Vault which concludes for good December 7th.

I am also pairing up with Monty of All Good Things to co-captain The Lombard Cup.  It’s a classic actress tournament where two teams will face off with a  slate of actresses.  I will be captaining Team Veronica Lake (as expected), and you’ll be seeing polls and posts up throughout the month of September.  I look forward to doing this as it will gauge whether I’ll be resurrecting my tournament this year or not.

That’s about it for September!  I see a month filled with fun, but allowing me to relax here and there.  Feel free to join me in a Twitter discussion or via Facebook!  I’ll talk to you later!


Lake Update

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