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Veronica Inductees for September 2013


Another month, another lady who has garnered a Veronica and a place in my hall of fame.  This actress has dazzled me in several films, and yet she was only a child in her heyday.  You should have a clear idea who it is…


I understand that Margaret is no longer a child, but it is the spate of films she made during this period that allowed her entry to my Hall of Fame.  Her characters could be precious, impulsive, difficult, sweet, and all manner of in-between.  The five films that gained her entry are Little Women (1949), Jane Eyre, Meet Me in St. Louis, Tenth Avenue Angel, and The Secret Garden.  I have a few of her other films in the wings, so more reviews of her work will be up soon.  You can find links to all my Margaret O’Brien reviews, along with the other ladies in the Veronicas Hall of Fame, at the tab above!  Congrats!


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  1. How ironic that you post this today. This afternoon I finished Lost Angel, with O’Brien. I don’t recall why this film was in my DVD queue, but arrived it did. Saccharine Hollywood at it’s best. It might be too sweet for some, I found it tolerable.

    I was concerned when I saw what type of film that it was that O’Brien would obnoxious, but she comes across as genuine enough.

    I know I’ve seen James Craig before, but I don’t know much about him. Actually, in looking, he has been in a few movies that I’m familiar with. He was OK.

    What was the real kick was seeing a young Keenan Wynn. If only all crooks were so amicable and redeemable. I’m a big Wynn fan (dad and son). It is nice to see him in a part that’s not so over the top (Disney).

    Anyway, I enjoyed the film for what it is. A sweet vehicle for O’Brien reminding us of life’s big lesson.

    PS I’m fascinated by child actors that are unsuccessful when they ‘grow up.’ Shirley Temple, as another example. Were they that bad as an actor? Or is this another example of how frustrating the Hollywood system can be, not really giving these talents an opportunity? Contemplation for another day…


    • I loved reading your review of Lost Angel, it set me in the right frame of mind to watch it myself (hopefully, you read my review ;). I think part of the problem with child actors is getting the audience to realize their adults. Obviously with stars like Temple and O’Brien they didn’t have social media judging their actions and didn’t have to rely on sexualizing themselves to be seen as “adults.” I doubt they’d do well today.


      • Yes, I do read your reviews, very much so. So many movies I still don’t know about. I guess we can’t watch them all. I’m too timid (or lazy) to blog myself. I admire the work that you, and others, do. I am, however, teaching an editing class this quarter at a local community college. How to meld what I know about ‘old’ films with what we see today. One must be contemporary. In addition, I’m taking a Philosophy In Film course with my daughter at said college. That should blow the mind…


      • Aw, thank you! If you ever get to blogging let me know and I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out! I always try to fit a film class into my school schedule and I’ve been told I should teach one someday, you might inspire me in that regard!


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