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Night of the Living Dead: Special Rifftrax Review

If you’re looking for a straightforward review of Night of the Living Dead you can read it here.  This special review looks at last night’s Rifftrax Live! event reviewing the movie.  This is a truncated sample review.  You can read the entire review where I published it originally at Cinema Sentries.

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead has entered the pantheon of pop culture as the first zombie film – at least in the incarnation we know today.  Anchored by a social commentary on race, the movie still holds its weight in that regard, although the rest has devolved into campiness.  Thankfully, the trio of Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy are able to bring life into this black and white classic with their latest Rifftrax Live! event.  A flesh feast of a good time was had, jokes were made (some incredibly risqué compared to past events), and a community of film fans were able to appreciate this classic in a hilariously new light.

All in all, Rifftrax Live! Night of the Living Dead was the best Halloween experience of the year.  Corbett, Nelson, and Murphy are on fire, as always, and the film is only enlarged in hilarity by their riffing.  On its own merits, Night of the Living Dead is a solid zombie movie with a stark social message which can get lost within the cheese and screaming.  If you missed out on this Rifftrax event, fingers crossed a DVD copy of the event sees release as has happened with past events.  The trio returns on December 5th with a live show devoted to Santa Claus vs. the Martians!

Ronnie Rating for Rifftrax Live!


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  1. Happy to hear this was such a good time! At Cinema Detroit, we are showing NIGHT with the 2013 documentary about the making of it, BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD. If you haven’t seen BIRTH, I highly recommend it. You will not believe how resourceful Romero was in funding and shooting his film. As good a story as any fictional feature 🙂

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