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The Lake Update for December 2013


It’s Christmastime again which means it’ll soon be time to recap the year before saying goodbye 2013, and hello 2014.  In this month’s Lake Update, I’ll briefly touch on what presents this month will bring, as well as what you can expect starting in January!

The biggest news is the closing of my Disney Vault series.  I’m heading out to see Frozen today (I’ll be there while you’re reading this) and my final Disney Vault review will go up.  Next week, I’ll be an overall summary of the Disney Vault experience, as well as award my favorite and least favorites of the series.  After that, I’ll decide whether I want to jump into another weekly series.  The book reviews will probably become an every other week thing just to help me out with reading, but they will continue.  I have considered resurrecting Biopic Theater as I still have a few biopics lying around, and right now that looks to be the frontrunner.  I’m also considering doing a weekly classic horror movie series (inspired by Svengoolie), but am unsure.  If you have a preference, please let me know.  I hope to have a decision made at the beginning of the year.

Speaking of the beginning of the year, I have decided to resurrect the Leading Man Tournament!  Cary Grant has been the reigning champ for far too long, so I hope to fine-tune the series without it conflicting too much with Monty’s – of All Good Things’ – March Madness tourney, of which I’ll be heading up the 1940s bracket.  I hope to start gathering actors and get things going mid-month.

In terms of December, 25 Days of Christmas is starting!  Generally, I take December off so the Christmas reviews will be reedited repostings of past Christmas reviews with the exception being my Christmas Eve review; this month’s Christmas Eve/Day movie is I’ll Be Seeing You.  Don’t think just because I’m reposting that I won’t be writing.  My Holiday Gift Guide came out earlier today and I have quite a few recommends to review courtesy of Warner Archive, Kino Classics, and Twilight Time, so look for several days of dual reviews throughout this month.

The blog’s had some heavy traffic over the last few days after the amazing folks at TCM gave me a few shoutouts and retweets.  All of this additional foot traffic just gives me better things to review, and generally produce a better blog for you to read. I’ll say it a few more times before the year is out, but I never expected to meet so many amazing readers/commenters, or receive the opportunities I have had this year.  Journeys in Classic Film continues to grow and become a site for people who want to watch the best in classic cinema, and it’s only going to get better in 2014!  Have a happy holiday season, and we’ll talk again in the new year!



Lake Update

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