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News From the Lake for January 29th, 2014


On top of the regular New in Blu/DVD feature I’ll discuss TCM’s latest changes in their hosting department, as well as a classic film you can experience in the cinemas.

In 2012, TCM and Fathom Events presented a 70th anniversary edition of Michael Curtiz’s classic, Casablanca.  I reviewed the 2012 presentation here.  To celebrate the network turning twenty, they’re bringing Casablanca back to the big screen and where it plays is in your hands.  TCM’s set up a page where you can vote for which city Casablanca should come to.  Ten cities will be selected; they’ve already received ten already: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.  Admission to the film is free and tickets are available on a first come, first served basis starting February 18th.  You have until February 18th to vote for your city.  Having just seen the film two years ago, I hoped TCM might diversify and present a new film, but any chance to watch classic films are few and far between for many, so it’s fantastic TCM continues to bring these films to the masses.  While there’s no word if any special guests will arrive in particular cities, here’s hoping.

Get ready to see a new face hosting TCM movies here and there, as Thompson on Hollywood’s reporting that Eddie Muller has signed as an on-air host for TCM.  Muller is known to classic film fans, and TCM watchers, as the host of last January’s four film tribute to “Night in Noir City.”  He was later invited back in June to host a month of “Friday Night Spotlight’s” exploring noir writers.  Muller also collaborates with the Film Noir Foundation, which he will continue while hosting for TCM.  There’s no date for when we can expect to see Muller, or if he’ll be heading up a particular slate of films.  As much as I love Ben and Robert, new blood is always appreciated hosting TCM (although, TCM…ladies can host, too!).  I’m eager to see how Mr. Muller does!

Coming Soon to Blu-ray/DVD

20th Century Fox: 20th Century Fox is back with another round of films released in their Cinema Archives collection.  Fourteen movies will be made available between now and February 25th from between 1937-1965.  Prominent titles include: Island in the Sky (1938), Danger: Love at Work (1937), Pride of St. Louis (1952), The Great Profile (1940), Margin for Error (1943), and Wild on the Beach (1965).  A lot of intriguing titles with iconic actors and directors, so head over to the Fox website to check them out.


Warner Brothers: I’m less than enthusiastic when it comes to watching The Women, but I know a lot of people who’ll be tickled pink to know Warner Brothers is finally transferring the film to Blu-ray.  Bonus features are expected to carry over from the 2003 DVD.  The DVD included two documentaries, the film’s trailer as well as a trailer for the musical remake The Opposite Sex (1956), and alternate black and white footage of the fashion show sequence with different footage.  You can own The Women on Blu-ray May 6th.


Flicker Alley: Flicker Alley is a new distributor of classic films, predominately focusing on restoring and releasing silent films.  They’re set to launch their name into the minds of classic fans with their upcoming release of Lon Chaney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Blu-ray.  Similar to Criterion or Kino, the Blu is filled with bonus content such as an audio commentary with Chaney scholar Michael Blake, behind the scenes footage of Chaney on-set, a short one-reel feature where Chaney played another hunchback character, an HD photo gallery, and an essay.  Flicker Alley is poised to be another de facto place to pick up movies, so be on the lookout for The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Blu-ray March 11th.


Universal: Timing with the recent restoration of Double Indemnity set to run during the TCM Classic Film Festival, Universal is putting out the film noir, as well as Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil on April 15th.  Both Blus will contain bonus content from earlier features.

Warner Archive: A few Warner Archive titles of note are available now.  Continuing the trend of excellent collections the studio is putting out you can purchase the five disc Bill Elliot Detective Mysteries.  Released between 1955-1957, the five discs in the set are Dial Red “0” (1955), Sudden Danger (1955), Calling Homicide (1956), Chain of Evidence (1957), and Footsteps in the Night (1957).  You can purchase the set via

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