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The Lake Update for February 2014


If you’re reading this between Monday and Thursday then I’m in the sunshine-coated world of Disneyland living it up during a long overdue vacation.  Thankfully, advance planning is giving you stuff to enjoy this week.  In this month’s update I’ll discuss a few burgeoning plans, and feel free to complain about them because I won’t read them right away!

School’s back in session (my penultimate semester if all goes well), so I’m tweaking the schedule.  I’ll be sticking to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule of original content and supplementing Tuesday and Thursday with reposts of movies playing that day on TCM.  With the high traffic to the site when I review a TCM title, and the network airing their 31 Days of Oscars, it seemed like a great idea to repost some old stuff you might have missed.  Also, look for a review of their recent documentary, And the Oscar Goes To…  There is a rather solid schedule in place for now with every other Monday containing a book review or film review, Comedy Wednesdays wherein I review movies watched in my Depression Giggles class, and Friday.  Biopic Theater is also gearing up to return on Saturdays.

The site continues to draw in a large crowd with last week seeing a spike of over 600 hits, 330 of which went to my review of Dr. Coppelius.  Not really sure why that is, did TCM reair it?  The studios and DVD distributors, big and small, remain awesome with their review products and expect to see more of those as the month goes on.  I’m also hoping to crack into a few unopened DVDs, Blu-rays, and box sets I’ve purchased.

In a bit of long-term news, the TCM Classic Film Festival is inching every closer and my fingers are crossed that I’ll be in attendance.  There’s also some big changes on the horizon for the site which I, unfortunately, cannot disclose right now.  Suffice it to say, if things go smoothly the site is going to become a juggernaut for classic films.

That’s all for now.  February is a short month, but the amount of content remains high.  As always, I thank everyone who takes time out to read my words and leave comments!



Lake Update

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