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Let’s Have a Talk…

If you’ll recall, I’ve mentioned over the last month or so about some big changes coming to Journeys in Classic Film.  Well, I just got the go-ahead to talk about it, and Veronica is pretty happy about it (she’s not big on secret keeping).  I write for a variety of other places, one of which is the Awards Circuit, a prominent site devoted to exploring Oscar hopefuls.  I’ve been heading up the site’s Historical Circuit for almost a year and they like what I do.  Since the new year, the editor of Awards Circuit has talked about me transferring the blog over to their site, in the hopes of bringing even more eyeballs to my reading.  I was hesitant to do it, but finally decided this was a major opportunity for me and the site and thus we’ve officially merged.  What does that mean for you fine readers who have been on this journey with me for almost three years?  Just a few changes to your bookmarks in the future.  The site will remain active for the time being, a lot of changes and bugs need to be worked out and that takes time.  You’ll probably notice over the coming weeks that anytime you hit the “read more” button you’ll transfer over to and eventually the entire site will be found there.  The lovely Veronica remains the site’s mascot, but she’ll have a cushier home to call her own.  Furthermore, this should translate into a bigger name for the site and more recognition.  I’m applying for press creds for the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival and a bigger site should provide better access; I also hope we’ll see even more review content in the future.  Either way, you’ll still find near daily posts and the same dogged determination to present you with insightful classic film content, just in a bigger arena.  Book and film reviews, as well as news and TCM Top 10/12s will remain a staple of anything under the Journeys in Classic Film moniker.  I’ll keep you posted as changes are implemented, and for now you won’t have to worry too much.  I hope readers remain committed to me and Journeys in Classic Film (I struggled with the idea of “selling out”), and I honestly believe this is a huge opportunity.  For now, keep visiting and I’ll let you know when the big changeover happens.  Till then, Ronnie’s going to start picking wallpaper.


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A freelance film critic whose work fuels the Rotten Tomatoes meter. I've been published on The Hollywood Reporter, Remezcla, and The Daily Beast. I've been featured in the L.A. Times. I currently run two podcasts, Citizen Dame and Ticklish Business.

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