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Classic Movie Actress Tourney: 1st Round Winners Declared


A whopping 75 voters came together to cast their vote for part 1 in the Classic Movie Actress Tournament co-hosted by myself, Monty of All Good Things, Desire of Roz Russell and John of Mythical Monkey.  Click below to find out which ladies are moving forward.  Part two kicks off with new voting tomorrow.

Hollywood Heavy-Hitters


Poor Katharine Hepburn was no match for Bette Davis.  Bette trounced Katharine 50 votes to 25.  She isn’t a heavy-hitter for nothing!

Poor Betty Grable actually lost worse than Katharine.  Judy Garland ended up sweeping with 62 votes to Betty’s 13.


Loretta Young tried to put up a fight but Rosalind Russel was too much for her, winning 55 to 20.

Ava Gardner is more popular than poor Jane Russell.  Ava won with 52 votes while Jane was only able to grab 23.

Femme Fatales


This was no surprise considering Rita Hayworth is one of the defining femme fatales.  It was a close race but Rita got 11 more votes than Joan Bennett, winning her position 43 to 32.

This one hurt because for awhile Veronica Lake was winning for a bit by one lone vote.  Eventually, Veronica and Jane Greer tied and this was easily the closest race of the event.  I was afraid I’d close the polls to a tie.  However, there were a few more Jane fans around and she slide past Veronica, 39 to 36….oof.

I got a few comments saying this was way too difficult and maybe I should have split each woman into their own bracket but that’s the fun of competition, right?  Either way, Gene actually had enough support to win over Lauren Bacall with 45 votes to Lauren’s 30.

I was surprised to see the wave of support for Claire Trevor because she was always in control of her battle, beating Linda Darnell 49 to 26.

Part 2 starts tomorrow when child stars and Anglo beauties square off.

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