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News From the Lake for March 13th, 2014


A very brief news segment this week with only one DVD update for you, a big announcement, and the results of the Classic Movie Actress Tournament.  You probably don’t have a ton of time so let’s zoom through the news.


I’ve reported on the various celebrities and screenings planned for the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival, but never thought I’d actually be going myself!  I’ve announced this via Twitter and Facebook already, but I will be attending the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival as a member of the media.  Yep, gear up for several days worth of reportage on all the happenings at this year’s fest.  If you aren’t already following the blog via Twitter (@Journeys_Film), Facebook ( or the handy “Follow” button via WordPress, do so now!  I’m pretty dang excited, and honored, to get press creds my first year applying, and I intend to make those credentials count!  The TCM Classic Film Festival runs April 10th-13th.  Look for my hoped for “To-Do” list as well as other articles pre-festival starting April 7th.


A pretty surprising turn of events happened in the last hours of the Classic Movie Actress Tournament – 1940s addition!  It appears fans couldn’t decide between Teresa Wright and Shirley Temple in the Pint-Sized Cuties category and they each ended up with 32 votes a piece!  I’m debating how to break the tie and the winner will be revealed when I announce the next round of voting.  As for the other winner in the Pint-Sized Cuties, Joan Leslie is moving forward with 36 votes to Peggy Ann Garner’s 23.  The other set of winners in the Femme Fatale Category: Rita Hayworth bested Claire Trevor, 42 to 21; Gene Tierney is also moving forward with 38 votes to Jane Greer’s 24.  Almost 250 votes were counted between all four polls, wow!  The next round of voting, focused on Heavy-Hitters and European Enchantresses will start tomorrow.

New on DVD/Blu-ray

Warner Archive: Warner Archive is putting out all the stops for its 5th birthday!  After the amazing slate of Joan Crawford movies released last week, the company’s announced a Blu-ray presentation of Julie Andrews’ anti-war satire, The Americanization of Emily (1964).  Bonus features weren’t announced, but anytime Warner puts something on Blu-ray you should snatch it up.  They’re also releasing a three-disc set of The Big House (1930).  The three-disc set features the English language version of the movie starring Wallace Beery and Robert Montgomery, as well as French and Spanish language version with entirely different casts; the French version includes a young Charles Boyer.  You can purchase both movies at

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