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Classic Movie Actress Tournament: Heavy-Hitters vs. European Enchantresses


The Classic Movie Actress Tournament is narrowing the field.  The 32-32 tie between Teresa Wright and Shirley Temple was solved with a 7-1 vote in favor of Wright’s film, Mrs. Miniver.  With that, Teresa moves on and a new group of gals comes forward.  This next round of polling goes through Monday so spread the word and make your vote count!


Teresa Wright tied with Shirley Temple, 32-32 but won in a tie-breaker poll, 7-1
Looks like I need to watch a Joan Leslie movie because she bested Peggy Ann Garner 36 to 23
Rita Hayworth continues to dominate, knocking out Claire Trevor 42-21
And Gene Tierney moves forward with a 38-24 win over Jane Greer

The next round pits Heavy-Hitters opposite European Enchantresses.  Here’s the competitors:

Heavy Hitters






European Enchantresses






Kristen Lopez View All

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6 thoughts on “Classic Movie Actress Tournament: Heavy-Hitters vs. European Enchantresses Leave a comment

  1. 1 vote for Shirley in the tie-breaker? Seriously? Guess who cast that vote? Yep, yours truly, once again marching to the beat of her own drum.

    Olivia and Maureen was a very tough choice. I love them both!


  2. Hardest one for me was Olivia vs Maureen….but Olivia wins for her performance in The Heiress. Altho I love Maureen just as much.


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