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TCM Classic Film Festival Wrap-Up


Me and the dress from Gilda
Me and the dress from Gilda

The TCM Classic Film Festival was the culmination of all my work as a classic film writer.  I never expected my blog to get me to the fest and now that I’ve returned to normality I’m only yearning for next April to get here quicker.  My inaugural trip to the TCM Classic Film Festival comes to a close in this final post wherein I discuss a few things I learned while attending, and highlight some of the best of the fest.  TCM Classic Film Festival 2015, here I come!

There were several top moments for me at this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival, especially meeting Leonard Maltin, Kim Novak and Richard Sherman.  The latter, in particular, provided a moment for me I’ll never forget.  I was also fortunate to meet several classic film friends.  Robert Osborne was right when he said TCM is the only network to establish a community (a sentiment echoed by Ben Mankiewicz) and that was true when I met all the fantastic people who, before this event, I’d only known via Facebook or Twitter.  I wish I took pictures with more of my friends, but it was refreshing to finally meet everyone in the flesh and realize a whole new world of friendships I can now engage in at home.  TCM’s festival truly is the place for everyone to feel included, whether you’re a film novice or expert.  I was shocked, and humbled, by the countless people who knew my name and commented on their love for my blog.  I’ve always said my blog keeps chugging because of everyone who reads it, and that was affirmed at the festival.  As much as Bob and Ben must have felt like rock stars, I, too felt like one.


Outside of all the events and screenings, attending the festival reminded me I need to watch TCM more often.  I tape a lot to review for the blog, but going to the festival reminded me I don’t need to watch the network purely for blog purposes.  There are movies I want to experience, but skip because I know I won’t get to reviewing them quickly.  Attending the festival only inspired me to devote more time to just watching, which is rare for someone who writes reviews constantly; you’re constantly searching for a quick movie to both enjoy and fulfill a blog post.  If anything, I’m determined to sit down at least once a month (hopefully more) and watch a movie on TCM just to watch it.  If I want to write about it, great, but that’s not my sole intention.  The TCM Classic Film Festival allows you to appreciate the movies and the network that inspired it.

Since this was my first festival I’m already looking at changes for next year.  I’m planning on staying at the Roosevelt Hotel if it kills me, or at least somewhere closer to the headquarters because the Hilton Garden Inn was on a hill and presented a long walk home at the end of the night.  I’m also planning on taking a more guerrilla style approach with additional screenings.  This trip was nice with interjections for meals and other tourist areas, but next year is all TCM.  I’m also hoping to nab a picture with Robert Osborne, the one TCM person who eluded me this festival.


TCM Classic Film Festival comes to a close.  I know there’s a cruise coming up but we’ll save that for next year.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my coverage of the festival.  If you were only visiting for my coverage, hopefully I’ve enticed you to stick around a bit longer.

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  1. Hi Kristen, I saw you but unfortunately did not get to meet you at the Festival, I am a fellow blogger fairly new to the game and my blog is This was my second time attending and it was a blast again, with the added pleasure of getting to personally meet and greet Maureen O’Hara! If you get a chance please visit my site and tell me what you think. Glad you enjoyed the festival, take care and hope to talk to you again.


    • I’ve heard quite a few people mention they saw me so hopefully next year we can be officially introduced. I’m envious of you snagging face time with Maureen. She wheeled right past me and unfortunately her bodyguard blocked my photos from coming out clearly. I stopped by your blog and it’s really awesome. I wish I could do longer articles with more listing but there’s so many movies to review. One note (I get this a lot) is you might want to make the text more distinct. Gray can be hard on the eyes for some people. Other than that it’s a wonderful site!


      • Thanks for the look., Kristen, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the advice, really appreciated it! Really enjoying your blog, very good work, and hope to talk to you again in the future!


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