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The Lake Update for May 2014


A brief update this month, so brief I might not both with a cut line.  I’m in the midst of the final three weeks of school so posting is getting erratic if you haven’t noticed.  I’m continually trying to get ahead and failing but content is continuing to pop up.  Look for content to return to a somewhat normal schedule towards the middle of the month.  After that I’ll be studying for my Master’s exam (when I started this blog I was still working on my Bachelor’s!), but the summer is going to see a lot of posting!  As for the rest of May look for more DVD/Blu-ray reviews, the final movies in my Film Class Wednesday series, which will return next semester with a look at features focused on the American spirit.  I’m hoping June will see the return of the Leading Man Tournament after an almost three-year hiatus, as well as a new cluster of July Five participants.  Until then we’ll all have to get along with the crazy posting schedule until I’m out of the woods.  Wish me luck everyone!



Lake Update

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