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News From the Lake for May 7th, 2014


A fairly light news week today.  They’re either really light or jam-packed, huh?  We’ll look at what’s new from a few movie studios as well as what’s going on over at TCM and an update on a past news story.


You might recall my news post about Theodore James’ upcoming documentary, Who Stole the Ruby Slippers, about the 2005 theft of the iconic shoes.  It appears James’ documentary hit its Kickstarter goal, but all the information can be read at my original post.  I was recently sent a link by an anonymous supporter of James’ doc about the recent updates to the case itself.  If you’re interested in learning more about the progress in this case to find the slippers, check out this article.


TCM and Bonhams auction house have a beautiful friendship as evidenced by last year’s successful auction.  The recent TCM Classic Film Festival saw Bonhams return to appraise fans memorabilia, so if you were fortunate to have something of worth please email me! (I have a sandbox in Florida I’m willing to part with).  The relationship continues with the announcement of TCM and Bonhams next auction, TCM Presents: There’s No Place Like Hollywood.  Taking place on November 24th, the auction is selling a test dress from The Wizard of Oz, a dress worn by Rita Hayworth in Gilda, various costumes worn by Barbra Streisand, and a few surprise items.  TCM will also contribute to The Film Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting classic films.  Bonhams is set to hold preview exhibitions in New York (November 20-24th) and Los Angeles (tba).  More information on the upcoming auction is online at

TCM Kong

TCM’s also working on new ID and promo tags running in-between their awesome movies.  They’ve recently teamed up with Kristian and Brandon Bush of the band Sugarland to create a 30-second network ID in honor of TCM’s 20th anniversary.  You can watch the entire behind-the-scenes video below:

New on DVD and Blu-ray

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Warner Archive: A lot of new stuff from Warner Archive, both physical DVDs and on their Instant service.  In terms of physical DVDs you can now purchase John Milius’ epic The Wind and the Lion (1975) and a whole mess of movies from the 1960s and ’70s featuring Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and others.  This week’s titles include: The Biggest Bundle of Them All (1968), More Than a Miracle (1967), Lady L (1966), The Sunshine Boys (1975) and Summer of ’42 (1971).  For all you Katharine Hepburn fans out there, Warner Archive also put out Alice Adams (1935).  As for streaming you can now watch Green Dolphin Street (1947), the excellent Curse of the Cat People (1944) and Gene Kelly’s Black Hand (1950).

Kino Classics: It’s been awhile since Kino Classics showed up here.  This month they’re tickling your funny bone with four fully-restored comedy classics from Max Linder.  The Max Linder Collection contains four of the film pioneer’s movies (The Three Must-Get-Theres, Be My Wife, Seven Years Bad Luck, and Max Wants a Divorce).  No word on bonus features just yet, and this is only receiving a DVD release.  The Max Linder Collection hits shelves May 27th.

Shout Factory!: New from Shout Factory! is The Marx Brothers TV Collection, a three-disc set with over 50 television appearances (individually and as a team) by the Marx Brothers. Appearances on the disc include episodes from GE Theater, The Jack Benny Program, and The Colgate Comedy Hour.  No additional bonus features are known.  The Marx Brothers TV Collection is available to own on August 12th.


Olive Films: Olive Films announced release dates for a whopping ten movies.  July 1st you can purchase Operation Petticoat (1959), So This is New York (1948), and Good Sam (1948); on July 8th: Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1948), Caught (1949), and The Lost Moment (1947); July 15th: Arch of Triumph (1948) and Armored Attack (1943); July 22nd: Forever Female (1953) and The Other Love (1947).  Almost all-excluding Arch of Triumph and Operation Petticoat-are marking their DVD and Blu-ray debut.  No bonus content is planned.

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