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VL’s Top Posts of the Week


A week’s passed since I introduced this new series, and I’m still trying to remember it goes up on Sunday’s.  This week’s top posts takes Monday into account, but whatever.  A very eclectic mix of posts received attention throughout the week.  Let’s look at what you were reading!

10. John Wayne: The Life and Legend

It’s the Duke’s birthday tomorrow, and unfortunately you’ll have to wait till July when I start reviewing some of his work.  In the meantime, check out the book review which compelled me to give the man another shot.

Cover of "The House on 92nd Street (Fox F...

9. The House on 92nd Street

This was bizarre to see pop up here, especially since it’s a review I wrote last March.  I’m assuming it reaired on TCM this week?

Cover of "The Sound of Music (Two-Disc 40...

8. Rodgers and Hammerstein Blu-ray Collection: The Sound of Music

My reviews of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Blu-ray set snagged a few spots on this week’s must-reads list.  South Pacific and State Fair are coming soon, I promise!


7. Rodgers and Hammerstein Blu-ray Collection: Oklahoma!

2,000 words written on this!

6. Dana Andrews: Hollywood Enigma

Did Andrews celebrate a birthday?  This book’s still stuck with me, and it’s nice to see people are continuing to read it.


5. Rodgers and Hammerstein Blu-ray Collection: Carousel

4. Rodgers and Hammerstein Blu-ray Collection: The King and I

The negative reviews also get the biggest turn-out.  Both this and Carousel netted the same amount of views (36).

3. High Society

Here’s another where I wonder if it aired on TCM?

2. Gone Too Soon Blogathon: Maggie MacNamara

This actually stayed one of the top posts over the last two weeks with nearly 120 reviews in a day!  Whenever The Moon is Blue reairs, I see huge leaps in the traffic for this article.  Nice to know Maggie’s name is still getting out there.

Saturday Night Fever

1. Saturday Night Fever

A whopping 83 views for this review!  Again, the negative reviews yield the highest turn-out. You’ll be happy to know, if you live near a Cinemark theater, this is playing in a few weeks as part of their classic series.  Go watch it and then come back to read my review!


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