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The TCM Top Ten for June 2014


Thank goodness there’s a Watch TCM app because it was hard narrowing down the list to just ten movies.  As the summer kicks off I hope to find time to settle down and watch the fantastic slate of movies TCM’s airing.  Any movies on your radar this month I should have included?

**To keep the dates right, the times listed are Eastern.  TCM can change the schedule at their discretion.**


Rock Hudson is TCM’s Star of the Month in June, so expect an abundance of Sirkian melodrama.  You might recall my appreciation for Douglas Sirk’s Written on the Wind, a melodrama I continue to appreciate.  The Tarnished Angels reunites that past film’s cast of Hudson, Robert Stack, and Dorothy Malone for the story of a newspaperman (Hudson) who falls for the wife (Malone) of an airline pilot (Stack).  Taking into account Stack and Malone played creepy siblings in Written on the Wind, I have to watch how they act when finally allowed to intentionally be affectionate with each other.  The Tarnished Angels airs June 5th at 10pm.


After enjoying Captain Blood and really liking The Adventures of Robin Hood, I’ve been searching for the next Errol Flynn adventure to jump onto.  The Adventures of Don Juan sounds like the perfect vehicle for Flynn to star in considering his history with women.  Adventures of Don Juan is the perfect lunchtime movie, airing at noon, June 9th.


Robert Osborne’s picking the lineup on June 10th, so it was difficult to decide which of his awesome choices would snag a spot.  I went back to film noir with another Edward G. Robinson film (Scarlet Street made last month’s Ten), The Woman in the Window.  Joan Bennett plays the eponymous woman in the window, leading Robinson down a path of destruction.  At this point, anytime Bennett’s in a noir expect something bad to happen.  The Woman in the Window airs June 10th at 8pm.


This one sounds like the makings of an urban legend: A woman (Ida Lupino) comes to realize her handyman (Robert Ryan) is an escaped mental patient.  That is all kinds of awesome in my book.  Really, Beware, My Lovely doesn’t have to do much else to sell me.  Beware, My Lovely is on June 12th at 3:45pm.


Let it never be said TCM’s programmers aren’t without a sense of humor, as evidenced by the lineup on Friday, June 13th.  The entire afternoon block is devoted to movies with the dreaded “13” in the title, and I went with an early Francis Ford Coppola film, Dementia 13.  The movie follows an Irish family where members are being killed, one by one, to prevent them from inheriting the family fortune.  It sounds like Ten Little Indians meets 13 Ghosts (airing before this).  Dementia 13 runs at 3:15 on Friday, June 13th.


Am I the only one who didn’t know Hammer worked with other genres?  I’ve watched efforts from the studio in the horror department, but had no idea they dabbled in noir.  TCM’s dedicating a night to these Hamer noirs, and the premise of Never Take Candy From a Stranger (I’m assuming the poster above is the UK title) sounds salacious and intense; the story follows a man who learns his daughter’s been molested by the patriarch of a wealthy family.  Social conflict and class differences with a dose of Hammer juiciness?  Never Take Candy From a Stranger airs June 17th at 2:15am.


You might start to wonder why several of my choices are gossipy melodramas.  Honestly, I have no good reason.  Susan Slade comes off like a Peyton Place rip-off about a young pregnant woman (Connie Stevens) whose mother passes off her grandson as her son.  I’ve watched Troy Donahue in other movies where he’s dryer than a Duraflame log, but maybe the plot will be scandalous enough to help me ignore him.  Susan Slade is the noontime film on June 22nd.


Rock Hudson boasts two choices in one month!  Criterion released Seconds a few months back, and I’m still bummed I didn’t buy it.  The premise reminds me of David Fincher’s The Game with its focus on government organizations and the creation of a new life.  The movie is also an early film from director John Frankenheimer, post-Manchurian Candidate.  Set your DVRs since Seconds airs June 27th at 2:15am.


It’s been a few months since I’ve had a documentary on the Top Ten, but this month’s documentary ties in to TCM’s 20th Anniversary, an event recently celebrated at the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival.  The premise is spelled out in the doc’s title, Twenty Classic Moments with the network looking at unforgettable moments in their history.  The documentary was made this year, so I’m excited to see if stuff I missed, that played during a TCMFF panel, shows up.  Twenty Classic Moments airs June 27th at 7pm.


And we conclude this month a suspenseful story of a young boy who believes a servant’s committed murder in The Fallen Idol.  I’ve never watched any of director Carol Reed’s movies, but I’m a fan of mysteries like this.  The movie also boasts being an adaptation of a Graham Greene novel.  You can catch The Fallen Idol on June 29th at 10pm.

TCM Trio


June 20th gets dark and twisty with a trio of adapted mystery stories.  Six am sounds early, but you don’t want to miss Nick and Nora Charles in The Thin Man; later, Humphrey Bogart finds “the stuff that dreams are made of” in The Maltese Falcon at 7:45am; followed by Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall dodging bullets in The Big Sleep at 9:30am.  If you’re willing to stick around till 11:30am, Gene Tierney is the captivating Laura.


TCM Top Twelve

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  1. Good choices, and with Never Take Sweets from a Stranger, you have Hammer in thriller territory as oppose to noir, a truly disturbing film with a chilling climax that is unforgettable. A different movie for Hammer, one of their better thrillers and they made some good ones, and highly recommended.


  2. Beware My Lovely sounds awesome – I may have to check that one out myself. And I’d heard of Dementia 13 of course, but never read a synopsis. Now I’m even more intrigued by it.

    Woman in the Window is great – perfect companion to Scarlet Street, which has all the same director cast. 🙂 And The Fallen Idol is as well. But am I to take your comment to mean that you’ve never seen The Third Man? Because….get on that!

    Lots of interesting stuff this month!


      • Absolutely not! We’re all at different places on our Journeys in Classic Film, and that’s part of the fun of reading each other’s thoughts. 🙂

        But when you get a chance, do watch it. It’s good.


  3. I’m looking forward to Never Take Candy from a Stranger. My acting and classic film mentor, Jack Lynn (best known as the bookseller in Yentl), had a small role in it.


  4. What foreign film set in Brussels was shown in June, with subtitles? Mother and son lived silently in an apartment. Mother secretly work as a Prostitute.


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