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VL’s Top Posts of the Week


What you guys were reading this week on Jouneys in Classic Film: The return of a few posts from the last VL update, more from my Rodgers and Hammerstein set, and celebrating Marilyn Monroe’s birthday.

10. The Autobiography of Veronica Lake

This made the top ten during the inaugural post in this series and it makes it into the bottom again.  Either way, I remain proud that Veronica is getting some attention.

9. The Sex Symbol

Because it was Marilyn’s birthday?


8. Blonde

Okay, I understand this getting into the bottom ten. If you have to watch one Marilyn biopic, make it this one.

7. Dana Andrews: Hollywood Enigma

Must be a lot of literary fans stopping by of late.  This isn’t the last book review that was popular over the week.

Saturday Night Fever

6. Saturday Night Fever

This was the number one post last week, and it seems its popularity is waning.  Let it never be said that negative reviews don’t reap big viewership.

5. Rodgers and Hammerstein: South Pacific

The final wrap-up of the box set is coming, I promise!  Either way, this probably got the heartiest response from people who agree, it isn’t very good.

4. News From the Lake May 28th, 2014



3. State Fair

2. Roman Holiday

I expected a high volume of readers since this was a blogathon post.  I also believe it aired on HDMovies this weekend.

1. Pola Negri: Hollywood’s First Femme Fatale (68 views)

Pola Negri has quite the fanbase!  This is the first time a book review’s made the top post.  This is proof I need to get back to reading!


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