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VL’s Top Posts of the Week


You readers were reading all sorts of reviews and posts this week. I’m actually intrigued to hear whether you read any of these posts and what inspired you to. Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below.

10. Good Morning, Miss Dove

One of three reviews in my series focused on the latest round from Fox Cinema Archives. So far, I believe this one has my highest rating.

Cover of "The Amazing Howard Hughes"

9. Biopic Theater: The Amazing Howard Hughes

Wow!  Here’s a review where I’d love to hear from readers about what inspired them to read this. Several people checked this out this week. Did it air on TV or something?

Cover of "The Wizard of Oz (70th Annivers...

8. The Wizard of Oz

Looks like a lot of people wanted to laugh at my lampooning of The Wizard of Oz.

7. Gone Too Soon Blogathon 2012: Maggic McNamara

Maggie continues to receive love this week!


6. Veronica Inductees for June 2014

A lot of readers were happy to see the return of the Veronicas.


5. Dante’s Inferno

Another Fox MOD review, this one ranked higher than Miss Dove, but wasn’t as highly read as another on this list.


4. News From the Lake for June 11th, 2014

It’s always great to see this make the most-read list. I always worry by the time my news gets out there it’s old.

Cover of "The Brotherhood"

3. The Brotherhood

I’m starting to wonder if there’s a random feature on my blog. Again, what inspired all you to read this one?

2. The Affairs of Annabel

I believe they showed both Annabel adventures on TCM this past week, so I understand this one getting high coverage.

1. Bachelor Flat

The angrier the review, the higher it rises.


VL's Top Posts

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  1. I read Brotherhood because I am a big fan of Doiglass and feel he should have won many awards during his career. He himself has stated that he was not the nicest man during his career as trampled on many in his determination to succeed. Old age and a number of strokes have changed his perspective.

    • Interesting. Thanks for letting me know. Yeah, Douglas falls into the category of “great actor, awful person” for me, predominately after reading about his past. Glad to know that age has brought him some perspective. Thanks for reading!

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