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News From the Lake for July 25th, 2014


Lots going on in the world of classic cinema. Let’s not waste time gabbing about it (especially because this news post is late already!).

If you’re not at Comic-Con this weekend but want a taste of comic books and movies, you might want to watch ABC this Sunday as On the Red Carpet host, Rachel Smith is touring “The Batman Exhibit” now up at the Warner Brothers Studios. Since it’s the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader, the Bat is getting the royal treatment. The exhibit boasts the various Batmobiles as well as other fun tidbits showcasing 75 years of history. On the Red Carpet explores “The Batman Exhibit” this Sunday at 6:30pm on ABC.


TCM and Bonhams have been in business since last year, and their latest auction, TCM Presents: There’s No Place Like Hollywood is gearing up to move forward! Their latest find is a heap of memorabilia from Casablanca, including Sam’s famed piano and the doors of Rick’s Cafe Americain. Also set to go on the block: a test dress and pinafore designed for The Wizard of Oz, a Rita Hayworth dress from Gilda, a Jane Russell costume from The Outlaw, and more. The auction’s held in New York Monday, November 24th with preview exhibitions in New York (November 20th-24th) and Los Angeles (November 6th-9th). As always, a portion of the proceeds goes to The Film Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting motion picture history. More information on the upcoming auction is up at the Bonhams website.

James Garner

In sadder news, fame actor James Garner passed away Saturday at the age of 86. The man left a legendary slate of movies and television series. TCM is airing a 24-hour tribute to Garner on July 28th, playing his films from 6am on the 28th and ending at 4:30am the 29th. The actors best work including The Americanization of Emily, Victor/Victoria, The Thrill of It All, and The Children’s Hour will air. The complete schedule is up on TCM’s website. Below is the recent “TCM Remembers” ad honoring Garner:


getTV, a channel that still eludes me, is tickling the funny bone in August as they celebrate Lucille Ball’s birthday with four of her popular films. The celebration starts August 6th at 11:05am with airings of The Fuller Brush Girl, Miss Grant Takes Richmond, Her Husband’s Affairs, and The Magic Carpet. August 8th sees a tribute to James Stewart, while every Thursday of the month is devoted to film noir. The complete schedule is up at the getTV site.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

20th Century Fox: Fox has release dates sets for several new movies as part of their Fox Cinema Archives collection. The schedule is included below:

July 29th

  • Alex & the Gypsy (1976)
  • Call Her Savage (1932)

August 5th

  • Gateway (1938)
  • Champagne Charlie (1936)

August 12th

  • The Girl on the Bridge (1951)
  • Fighting Back (1948)
  • Air Patrol (1962)

Olive Films: Fans of war movies might want to save October 14th, since that’s the day Olive Films releases Dragonfly Squad (1954) on DVD and Blu-ray. This marks the Blu-ray and DVD debut of the film which has been long out of circulation. The only bonus content planned for the Blu is the addition of the 3D version of the film.

Warner Brothers: Christmas came early with the announcement that A Christmas Carol (1938) and Christmas in Connecticut (1945) will premiere on Blu-ray, November 11th. Both movies were included as part of TCM’s Greatest Film Collection: Holiday series. No bonus content’s been announced for either. Anyone want to put one of these in my stocking?

Displaying image003.jpg

Warner Archive: Monogram Pictures returns as Warner Archive releases four of their noir titles: Below the Deadline (1946), The Hunted, Stage Struck and Incident (all three 1948). All of these can be purchased, manufactured on-demand, via Warner Archive’s website. Warner Archive is also at Comic-Con this weekend with Trailers From Hell, Saturday at 1pm and A Batman for All Seasons, Sunday at noon. So if you’re reading this at Comic-Con and go to on their panels, let us know how it was!

Columbia Classics: Four more Columbia Classics titles are being put out via Sony: The Big Boss (1941) with Otto Kruger, Cafe Hostess (1940) starring Ann Dvorak, East of Fifth Avenue (1933) with Wallace Ford, and The Tiger Makes Out (1967) starring Eli Wallach. All are available starting August 19th.

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  1. Not sure wha you mea when you say Get TV eludes you but if your cable compay doesn’t have it it is broadcast for free over the air in most major cities/etropolitan areas as is Movies! Antenn TV and many others.All you need is an antenna!

    • Sadly, my cable company is all fiber optic so antennas no longer work. We do get AntennaTV and MeTV, but the companies just haven’t come to agreement on showing the channel in my area. 😦

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