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The Lake Update for August 2014


As evidenced by the massive TCM Top 20 I just put out, it’s obvious this is a busy month at Journeys in Classic Film. Come to think of it, it’s been a busy couple of months here. Reviews have been late, sure, but you can’t deny I’ve become a writing fiend since summer started despite the ever-present reading and studying for my Masters exam. Thankfully, the blog is keeping me going, even if keeping up with posts is just as stressful sometimes. I am counting down the days till December as I’ll finally have some room to breath and, degree or not, I’ll be able to devote myself full-time to you awesome readers then.

Until then, Summer Under the Stars starts Friday, but posts won’t start till next Monday so I can properly finish up John Wayne week and close out another year of The July Five. To give myself a bit of space, I won’t be posting all week on every star, just Monday through Friday. Any posts of weekend SUTS movies will be posted at a later date – hopefully I’ll get a backlog of reviews this month for when school starts.

In other news, I’m attempting a revamp of the site in some ways, trying to diversify and make the site a bit more grown-up as we enter another year. I do have a new logo ready to go, but sadly, in the interest of being able to own everything I create, it won’t have the lovely Veronica on it (although she remains the site mascot in every other way). I’m also slowly looking into a move to a site which would allow me more freedom in advertising and other areas. Any format changes are in the long-term; the new logo will debut after Summer Under the Stars.

Until then, keep the comments coming. Any movies items of interest you want me to discuss, column ideas, etc. feel free to contact me via email, Facebook, Twitter, or commenting at the bottom of this page. I write it in the hope you read it! ┬áLet’s get ready for another awesome Summer Under the Stars.




Lake Update

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