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The Lake Update for September 2014


Hello everyone, time for another month to start while I fill you in on what’s being planned for September over at Journeys in Classic Film. I’ve closed out a rather successful series of reviews as part of TCM’s Summer Under the Stars. I successfully reviewed a film a day – not always on time and excluding weekend – and hopefully we’ll do that again next year. I have reviews of The Mating Season and Wait Until Dark coming soon, and then I’ll work on reviews of the weekend films I was able to tape and watch so don’t get out of summer mode just yet.

School starts up again Tuesday so we’ll be returning to what I’ve dubbed the “Fall Schedule” of posts (if all goes according to plan this will be the final semester of school!) with content being posted Monday, Wednesday (with News From the Lake), and Friday. Hopefully, with the various pre-written posts I’ve got in store, there won’t be a lot of downtime on the site, but you should all know me by now. I had plans to bring back Biopic Theater, but with Halloween in only a month I’m going to hold off for a bit. If you have a biopic you’re eager for me to see drop me a line!

Speaking of Halloween, you should see a lovely poll to your right. I’m contemplating a few themes so please vote. If you want to suggest a theme I’ve included an option for write-ins.

And don’t forget to look at the top of the site at the beautiful new logo/header that’s 100% mine! I want to thank Drew Morton for creating this for me free of charge. It’s all public domain so I won’t have to worry about legalities (sorry, Veronica). I’m contemplating doing T-shirts or something to get this beautiful logo out there. Does anyone have any interest (and don’t hesitate to say no) in some JFC branded merch?

Other than that I’ve got a lot of great content on tap. We should have book reviews back in the new week or so. As always, feel free to send me anything via email, Facebook, Twitter, or commenting at the bottom.



Lake Update

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