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The Lake Update for November 2014


November 11th marks the third anniversary of Journeys in Classic Film. It’s weird to write that as I never anticipated I’d keep the site updated and going this long, let alone that it would yield me the opportunities it has. I’ve said this countless times, and I’ll say it countless times after, but if I didn’t have you fine readers I’d have dropped this ages ago and that would be a mistake. Honestly, with school and my Masters Exam being on the 14th the anniversary will probably come and go, but know that I am appreciative of every single person who’s read a review or left me a comment.

Speaking of, you’ve probably noticed the site has lagged significantly, more than my usual day or two delay. For all my attempts to do thirteen nights of Halloween I still ended up dropping three films for time’s sake. Thankfully, my exam is coming up on November 14th and after that I’ll have a lot of breathing room. However, I’ll have to wait till December 5th to hear back on whether I’ve got the degree or not, but that’s for another time. Either way, the next two weeks will see content because I’ve got quite a few pre-written reviews ready to go, but News From the Lake will probably be sporadic. I am teaming up with Monty of All Good Things, again, this year to do the Lombard Cup, a tournament that will pit several classic actors together. The event stars tomorrow, so be sure to keep checking in for that. I am doing book reviews over at Awards Circuit, and I’m contemplating doing them there from now on, just until school is over and I have more time to read. Right now it’s easier writing brief reviews there. You can read my latest installment discussing Garden of Dreams (the new Simone Signoret biography), Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life, and Scandals of Classic Hollywood here.

I’ll mention this next month as well, but after three years I’m planning on taking a brief blogging hiatus in December (I’m also going to be on vacation and finishing up my – hopefully! – final semester so December’s pretty packed). I’ll be reposting past Christmas reviews so there will still be content but news items will be brief and that’ll be it till the year-end countdown. I haven’t taken any type of lengthy hiatus so I’m hoping this will recharge my batteries and give me the refresher to create fresh reviews for you. And by then I should have nothing but free time to devote to making JFC bigger and better.

Lots going on, both here and in my personal life, but the blog is keeping me sane even if I’ve been a subpar editor. If you’re missing me be sure to stop by Awards Circuit or ClassicFlix where I’m also working my rear end off. Good vibes for my upcoming exam are always appreciated! Hope you had a fun Halloween and are ready for an awesome Thanksgiving with me, Veronica, and Journeys in Classic Film!



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