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The Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2014


As I’ve done for the last two years, I’m counting down the top ten articles and reviews you awesome readers couldn’t get enough of. I’ll also be looking at where these articles place in the all-time view count, and whether they’ve gone up or down if they placed in last year’s list. Let’s say hello to 2015 with the last Year in Review article of 2014!

10. Dr. Coppelius – 532 hits

This 2012 review of the weird 1960s ballet adaptation of Coppelia was fun to write, and the movie made my Worst Of list that year. With 782 views between 2012 and 2014 it’s in the Top 25 most read reviews in Journeys in Classic Film history.

9. Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3 – 579 hits

With school this year my book reading was at an all-time low, never mind actually having the strength to review anything. I reviewed Robert Matzen’s book late in 2013, but republished it at the time of publication in January, which probably aided in the clicks. With 831 hits total it’s the 20th most popular article of all time.

8. My Interview With Jane Withers – 591 hits

I still get emails and comments from readers about this interview, mainly with regards to how to get in touch with Jane (sadly, I have no contact information to give). The classic film community’s lost several A-list names in 2014, and it’s nice that we still have Jane with us. This interview still makes me smile everytime I read it. It’s in the top 30 of popular articles with 742 total hits.

The Jayne Mansfield Story

7. The Jayne Mansfield Story – 672 hits

This was one of three Biopic Theater reviews that entered into the top ten, a slight uptick from the two that made it in last year. If anything, this just sets the stage for the brilliant return of Biopic Theater in a few weeks. Lonnie Anderson is the unspoken Queen of Biopic Theater between this and The Thelma Todd Story. At 886 lifetime hits, The Jayne Mansfield Story is the 16th most popular review.

6. The Sex Symbol – 766 hits

With 1,266 lifetime hits – making it the seventh most popular review – I maintain this review only garners so much attention because of spambots who notice the title.


5. The Mystery of Natalie Wood – 785 hits

This is the last of the Biopic Theater reviews on this list, and so far it remains the one I take the least issue with. It boasts over 1,042 hits, making it the 11th most popular review.

4. Old Hollywood Book Reviews: Veronica – The Autobiography of Veronica Lake – 799 hits

You can’t imagine how happy I get whenever I see this pop up in the popular reviews of the week section on WordPress. I’ve been fortunate to talk to a lot of Lake aficionados, including co-author of this autobiography, and we all agree that Lake deserves her due. This was number five on the popular articles list I did last year, so it got more love this year! In total, it’s received 1,469 views, making it the fifth most read article in blog history!

Saturday Night Fever

3. Saturday Night Fever – 805 hits

I can’t escape this review no matter how I try! Remaining highly controversial, I still get angry comments from people saying I misunderstood this film and I should give it a second try. I will….someday. With 1,026 views it’s unlucky number thirteen in the all-time category.

2. Gone Too Soon Blogathon 2012: Maggie McNamara – 1,263 hits

Miss. Maggie returns for another year! Much like Veronica, I’m always happy that so many people love this article. There isn’t much out there about Maggie McNamara, so a lot of my information came from Wikipedia. Either way, with 2,213 hits in its lifetime, this article remains the number 2 most popular of all time.


1. Old Hollywood Book Reviews: The Lives and Loves of Daisy and Violet Hilton – 2,162 HITS 

Last year’s most popular article, my review of The Girl, made it to number one with a little over 1000 hits. My book review of Dean Jensen’s novel blew that out of the ballpark, all the way into becoming the most popular review of all time! I’m not quite sure what sparked such interest in this, possibly the documentary Bound by Flesh about the Hilton sisters (which I hope to review at some point).


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