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News From the Lake for February 19th, 2015



News in a nutshell: Pretty quiet this week as we say goodbye to another classic film icon, look at some more controversial TCM Film Fest movies, and what’s new on DVD and Blu.

Louis Jourdan, the acclaimed actor in Gigi (1958) and Letters From an Unknown Woman (1948) passed away Monday at the age of 93. This only a few days after the death of film noir actress Lizabeth Scott. CNN has an in-depth obituary here. Every time a classic film star of this magnitude passes away it reminds me of how few remain, especially as we draw closer to the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival. TCM has already posted a TCM Remembers video devoted to Jourdan that I’ve included below. They haven’t stated when they’ll devote a day to his work.


Some more controversial decisions being made regarding this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival. Many have already noticed the influx of contemporary titles being premiered, expected considering the historical theme, but the latest announcements are only stoking the fire. Dustin Hoffman will be leading a Q&A with Alec Baldwin coinciding with Hoffman’s turn as Lenny Bruce in Lenny (1974); director Spike Lee will be introducing his movie Malcolm X (1992); and editor Anne V. Coates will be on hand for screenings of her work in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Out of Sight (1998). Stuntman Terry Leonard will also being introducing Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and The Wind and the Lion (1975). It’s important to keep in mind this is just a bit of the over 60 movies TCM generally shows at the festival. A complete schedule hasn’t been announced so there’s still plenty of time for several pre-1970s movies to be added. The TCM Classic Film Festival runs March 26th-29th in Hollywood and I’ll be covering everything I can here at Journeys in Classic Film.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

Mill Creek: If you’re a fan of the Three Stooges you’ll want to nab their upcoming two-volume Three Stooges Triple Feature. Each disc will contain three Stooges feature films from the 1940s-1960s, all on Blu-ray. The Three Stooges Triple Feature series hits shelves April 21st.

Olive Films: Also on April 21st, from Olive Films, is Dance With Me, Henry (1956), the final pairing of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.

Criterion: Criterion announced two features making their debut on Blu-ray – Leo McCarey’s Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) and Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight (1952). Both were released on DVD before, with Make Way getting little in the way of changes since its prior Criterion release in 2010. Each comes with a new transfer and various interviews and essays. Both are available for purchase on May 19th.

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  1. Yes, the majority of classic film stars who have passed away recently were all of an advanced age, but it doesn’t make their deaths any easier on us. I find that I’m always repeating this every time someone tells me “But they were old!” The fact that we’re losing so many legendary film stars so quickly is indeed troubling 😦

    • Exactly! It wasn’t until I became a classic movie fan that I noticed how much their deaths have affected me. Every death just reminds us of the people we won’t get to appreciate in the flesh. I mean, I shake my head at how my Veronica Lake research would have been different if I had started even five years ago, let alone ten.

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