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The Lake Update for March 2015



The TCM Classic Film Festival approaches in a few weeks and I’m stunned I’ll be covering it for a second year. I know I’ve bored you with this before, but I never expected to go to the festival, let alone get through as a member of the media. Unlike last year, I’ll be working in conjunction with TCM as one of their Social Media Producers, creating videos and posting photos for a more multimedia approach. Of course, all of this will be on top of the daily reports I’ll be giving. If you have any requests for photos/videos, feel free to email me.

I’ve been trying to find a happy medium between watching movies for review and just watching movies to enjoy them. It’s odd how writing regularly leaves you stressed about overanalyzing every movie you watch in case it’s “review worthy.” Over the last year, I’ve tried to keep my work top-notch, and I’ll admit, my reviews last year weren’t great as I struggled to review almost everything I watched; oftentimes I’d avoid watching movies entirely for fear I couldn’t review them all. With so many different movies to review, I think I deserve a chance to just enjoy movies. None of this will effect the blog, but I thought I’d keep you posted on the struggles of blogging. This is where suggestions really help me out. If there’s ever a movie you want my particular thoughts on, let me know.

For the most part, everything’s been pretty smooth here. You guys all seemed to enjoy the my Top 20 list and I’m going to try to keep those going since lists yield a lot of fun comments. I haven’t settled on the next list (again, suggestions), but it’ll happen. I’ll also continue alternating book reviews, every other Monday, and Biopic Theatre every other Friday. I have flirted with the possibility of doing remake reviews – reviewing movies that have been remade over the years. Is that something you’d all be interested in?

Other than that, it’s business as usual over at Journeys in Classic Film. I did mention doing video reviews on the Facebook page, but at few disparaging comments have put me off that for awhile. I continue to find further ways of propelling the JFC brand.

It’s gonna be a fun March here at the site. If you’re in Hollywood or at the TCM Film Fest, and spot me, say hi! Last year I was left speechless about how many kindhearted readers came up to me. I had no idea my blog kept so many entertained, so if I get wide-eyed, don’t panic. Happy movie watching, everyone!



Lake Update

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  1. Personally, I’d love to see some video posts from you! I think they would be an awesome addition to your already spectacular blog. Never mind what the haters have to say — fuck ’em. Do what you want, and if that’s creating video content, I say go for it! x

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