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The Lake Update for April 2015



My apologies for this coming a week into April. With all the chaos involved in TCMFF this year, and getting my coverage out in a timely manner, I completely forgot about the TCM Top 10, Lake Update, and Hall of Fame. Look for those to be up in the coming days.

Speaking of TCMFF, it was an experience I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. The TCM Social Producer program really put me on the radar with the network, and I’m hoping that will yield to working with them more, and giving you more to read, in the coming year. Now that the festival is over we return to the regular schedule of reviews and columns.

If you saw my Top 5 TCMFF Moments video you’ll notice I’m trying to diversify into video formats. Don’t hesitate to give me feedback on the video and where you think I could go with videos in the future. I’m also looking for feedback on what you’re looking for in terms of reviews, Kristen ReCasts posts, etc. Essentially, I’m hoping to do an evaluation of what’s working and not working on the site, and soliciting ideas on room for improvement. If you can leave me a comment with your thoughts that’d be fantastic. If you wish to share your thoughts privately, please email me at

Thanks guys! Remember, I wouldn’t be where I am without you kind readers taking the time to check out my stuff!



Lake Update

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