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The Lake Update for May 2015



I probably say this every month, but we’re sailing right through the year and things couldn’t be better. I’d like to thank all the awesome blog readers who contributed to my car fund. I hate advertising my personal things on the site – we’re all here to talk classic films, not me – but I was overwhelmed by the awesome people who donated money or spread the word to help put hand controls in my new car. Now we officially have a Journeys in Classic Film-mobile!

May is looking pretty packed and that’s because of a few amazing things that I decided I needed to step up on and that’s interviews! Yes, I’ve been fortunate to have a fair share on here but this month you’ll see two more (not including the Robert Hoffman interview that went up already). Look for interviews with Paul Henreid’s daughter, Monika who is currently requesting donations to help fund a documentary and book on her amazing father; I’ll also be talking to Dana Andrews/Marilyn Monroe biographer Carl Rollyson in honor of the upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic.

Speaking of biopics, Lifetime is definitely taking me back to the days of regular “event” biopics and you’ll be seeing Biopic Theatre return with a vengeance as we look at 2 Marilyn movies – including Lifetime’s latest – as well as the upcoming Grace of Monaco.And since Mother’s Day is this month, look for a review of the mother of all movies, Mommie Dearest!

As always, I’m open to suggestions in terms of the content you want to see. A star’s birthday coming up? A particular top ten list you think I should tackle? Send these ideas my way either by commenting below or dropping me an email/Tweet/Facebook message! I’m definitely hoping to keep diversifying content, not just to keep me from repeating the same “good/bad” comments but to keep you coming back, so feel free to send me the craziest things you think I should be capitalizing on.

It’s all happening! Talk to you later!



Lake Update

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