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News From the Lake for June 10th, 2015



News in a nutshell: An update on a film project, TCM has a lengthy list of announcements, getTV programming, and what’s new on DVD and Blu.

You might remember my interview with Monika Henreid, the daughter of actor Paul Henreid, from a few weeks back. Then, as now, Monika is dedicated to telling her father’s story in a simultaneous documentary and biography called Paul Henreid: Beyond Victor Laszlo and she needs the help of the fans. She’s recently put up a video promoting the project and what audiences will learn if/when the project comes to completion. It’s a story near and dear to her heart that the classic film community should want to see. If you’re interested in learning more or wish to contribute, head over to her Indiegogo page or the project’s Facebook.


As always, getTV continues to sail through the year with a fantastic crop of titles to watch. For June, their Fridays will be devoted to stars like Loretta Young, Susan Hayward, and Peter Lorre. The schedule of films is up on their website.

TCM made a big announcement this week, announcing an additional six theatrical screenings as part of their continued team-up with Fathom Events. The Jaws (1975) and Double Indemnity (1944) screenings had been announced a few months ago, but they recently revealed plans to screen the sing-along version of Grease (those who attended the TCM Film Festival screening didn’t get the lyrics on the screen, but we did get the Roosevelt pool), Psycho (1960), a double feature of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula and the Spanish-language version that’s been declared the superior film (both 1931), Roman Holiday (also screened at this year’s festival), and Christmas showings of Miracle on 34th Street (1947). No announcements on who will be doing the intros for the later screenings. The Fathom website also doesn’t have the complete list of theaters for the later screenings, so if yours isn’t listed, check back later.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

Columbia Classics: A month or so ago I reported on Columbia Classics releasing the first and third films in The Whistler series, the first time any of the films had been put on DVD. Sony, the owner of the Columbia label, isn’t wasting time as they’ve debuted two additional films in the Whistler canon: The Voice of the Whistler (1945) and Mysterious Intruder (1946). You can purchase these on-demand via Amazon or wherever on-demand titles are sold.

Warner Archive: Warner Archive celebrates Bette Davis, Eddie Cantor, and films noir with their latest releases. (The latter is definitely perfect timing for those participating in TCM’s Summer of Darkness.) Four of Davis’ 1930s titles are coming out this week – The Dark Horse (1932), Special Agent (1935), Satan Met a Lady (1936) and June Bride (1948). Satan Met a Lady, you may recall, is an earlier version of The Maltese Falcon (1941). Eddie Cantor is receiving a 4-film collection, not unlike when Warner put out four of Danny Kaye’s films in a collection. The Eddie Cantor Samuel Goldwyn Collection consists of Palmy Days (1931), The Kid From Spain (1932), Roman Scandals (1933) and Strike Me Pink (1936). And the studio debuts five films noir this week – Tom Conway leads two titles with Two O’Clock Courage (1945) and Criminal Court (1946), George Raft in Johnny Angel (1945), Pat O’Brien in Riffraff (1947), and Bill Williams in The Clay Pigeon (1949). You can purchase all of these, manufactured on-demand, through the Warner Bros. website.

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