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2015 Summer Under the Stars Blogathon


Below the cut you’ll find all the blogs currently scheduled to participate and the given days they’ll be posting. If you’re interested in participating, and want to win some great prizes, feel free to leave a comment below, email or Tweet me, or just write something and send me a link when it’s published. Also, if you don’t currently have a blog, I am willing to host posts emailed to me. In order to give as many stars love as possible, if you currently see a star has people writing on them, please consider writing about someone else. (That’s not a mandatory rule. If you’re planning to write on multiple days, feel free to mix and match between uncovered topics and covered ones.) I will be updating this list all the way daily throughout the month, posting links as they come in. So if you want to know what everyone’s doing, be sure to check back here. I’ll be making this post sticky throughout the month so it’ll always be at the top. Here’s to a great blogathon!

Starting August 1st this post will be moved off the main page. Please see the page 2015 Summer Under the Stars Blogathon page (in the blogathon section) above to be kept up to date.


August 1st – Gene Tierney 

The Ellie Badge

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

August 2nd – Olivia De Havilland

Valerie Frederick – Hosted here

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

Wolffian Classics Movie Digest



August 3rd – Adolphe Menjou


August 4th – Teresa Wright

Silver Screenings

Jacqueline T. Lynch


August 5th – Fred Astaire

Gina Dalfonzo

Classic Reel Girl

Love Letters to Old Hollywood


August 6th – Michael Caine

Old Hollywood Films


August 7th – Katharine Hepburn 

Gina Dalfonzo

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies


August 8th – Raymond Massey


August 9th – Robert Walker

More Reel Life


August 10th – Joan Crawford

Smitten Kitten Vintage

Silver Screen Modes

Spencer Jones – Hosted here


August 11th – Rex Ingram


August 12th – Robert Mitchum

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

Second Sight Cinema

Christy Putnam


August 13th – Ann-Margret

A Classic Movie Blog


August 14th – Groucho Marx

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

Smitten Kitten Vintage


August 15th – Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 


August 16th – Patricia Neal


August 17th – Lee J. Cobb


August 18th – Vivien Leigh

Kendra Bean

Wolffian Classics Movie Digest


August 19th – John Wayne

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

Cracked Rear Viewer

Wide Screen World


August 20th – Mae Clarke

The Nitrate Diva

Vitaphone Dreamer


August 21st – Alan Arkin

Classic Movie Blog

Kellee Pratt


August 22nd – Marlene Dietrich

Smitten Kitten Vintage

More Reel Life


August 23rd – Debbie Reynolds

Java’s Journey

Love Letters to Old Hollywood


August 24th – Warren Oates

Twenty Four Frames


August 25th – Virginia Bruce

Cracked Rear Viewer


August 26th – Greta Garbo

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies


August 27th – Monty Wooley

Old Hollywood Films


August 28th – Ingrid Bergman

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

Classic Movie Blog


August 29th – George C. Scott

Classic Movie Blog


August 30th – Gary Cooper

Christy Putnam

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood

Love Letters to Old Hollywood


August 31st – Shelley Winters

Rosalind Russell: Dazzling Star

OTHER PARTICIPATING BLOGS (Waiting to declare topics or miscellaneous)

Now Voyaging – SUTS Guide

The Stop Button

Movie Mom

Stix on the Beach

Citizen Screen



Kristen Lopez View All

A freelance film critic whose work fuels the Rotten Tomatoes meter. I've been published on The Hollywood Reporter, Remezcla, and The Daily Beast. I've been featured in the L.A. Times. I currently run two podcasts, Citizen Dame and Ticklish Business.

23 thoughts on “2015 Summer Under the Stars Blogathon Leave a comment

  1. I’m so pleased that you’ve kept this going! I’d definitely like to write about the sublime and underrated Mae Clarke, perhaps a general piece on her or a write-up on one of the films showing that day, not sure yet (and I might be tempted to do a review of one of the Douglas Fairbanks Jr. movies showing as well, if I have the time in August). Thanks!

    • Yay! I was hoping Mae would get some attention! I’ll put you down under Mae Clarke for now and if you end up doing something on Fairbanks just let me know!

  2. Hey Kristen! Can I cover Mae Clarke? Also, are there rules about whether these posts supposed to strictly highlight the actors or is it something where we should go more in-depth into a particular film? I’m good with whatever but wanted to make sure. 🙂

    • Hey Meredith. You’re definitely welcome to write about the lovely Mae! I would like some highlights on the actor, at least mentioning conveying some reason why TCM would honor them with that film. Outside of that, feel free to go as in-depth as you’d like!

      • Cool! I have to say I’m not really that familiar with her but she interests me and I could make this a learning process + tell everyone else about her at the same time. I would love to take the challenge. I’ll go for it. Thanks, Kristen!

  3. I just discovered this blogathon and I’m super excited! I’d love to write about Fred Astaire, Debbie Reynolds, and Gary Cooper. (I was going to try and cover the undeclared people, but I know zero to very little about them. Sorry!) My blog is Love Letters to Old Hollywood, which can be found at

    • Hi Michaela, still plenty of time to get involved! I’ll put you down for all three. Please be sure to read the newly posted rules page. Thanks for joining!

  4. Fashionably late to the star-studded party, but please could I join in with a piece about Patricia Neal? Probably something examining her career and her legacy… thank you! 🙂

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