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The Lake Update for September 2015


Well things have been both quiet and incredibly eventual in the last month. I want to start off by thanking all the AMAZING contributors who wrote articles, reviews, lists, etc. as part of my inaugural 2015 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon. I’ll be announcing the contest prize winners around the weekend, but I cannot believe all the incredible pieces I got to read and promote, as well as the great people who came out to join the three #TCMParties I hosted on Twitter. I was hesitant to tackle this event at the last minute, but thanks to the writers and the kind folks at Warner Archive, this event was fantastic and a real mark forward for the site. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Now that the month is over we’re getting back into a regular groove, but things are still going to be exciting. I have some great interviews planned; my interview with The Lives of Bernard Herrmann director, Brandon Brown goes live tomorrow. I also have an interview with the “voice” of TCM, Robin Bittman, coming up over the next few weeks. You’ll see some book and film reviews, as well as a massive News From the Lake post (suffice it to say a lot happened over the month). You’ll see me playing catch-up over the next week or two, but I’m honestly happy to return to the blog. I mentioned the blogathon being a means of recharging my batteries and getting some outside content reviewed, and it all made me appreciate this site all the more because you guys love and understand the content I produce.

I’m still trying to tack down what to do for October. As always I’m open to suggestion regarding what spooky things you’d like to see reviewed or featured this Halloween. I’m also trying to find more ways of integrating lists throughout the month. I can’t stress this enough, please don’t hesitate to leave feedback, both positive and negative, either on the site itself or via Facebook and Twitter. The site lives and dies on your involvement, so please let me know what you’d like to see.

That’s it for the month. If you participated in the blogathon, either by contributing or talking to me during a Twitter party, check back this weekend to see if you won a prize!

Talk to you all soon!



Lake Update

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