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The Lake Update for November 2015


Wow, can you believe we’re in November already? Not to make a big thing out of it, but on November 11th, I’ll be celebrating Journeys in Classic Film’s fourth anniversary! I’ve probably said this before, but I am blown away daily by the appreciation and community that reads my stuff. Whether we agree or disagree, I appreciate everyone who reads my work and leaves comments. If I didn’t think people were reading, I wouldn’t be writing. Whether I’ve grown to recognize you as a regular reader/commentor, or whether you’ve just stumbled on a review through Google, thank you!

It’s definitely been hard juggling both the site, my work at ClassicFlix and Awards Circuit, but I maintain this is the site that gave me my “cred” (so to speak) and I plan to keep it running and putting out quality content. With that, I always like to ask: What do YOU want to see? The return of Biopic Theater? More Kristen ReCasts the Classics? Something new entirely?

I take your feedback seriously. The recent poll about video, for example, showed you’re more interested in written content, or at least keeping video relegated to special events like the TCM Film Festival, and you’re right. So, with that, I’ll put another poll up about what you guys want to see, or you can leave your comments below. Stagnation is the road to ruin, and I’d hate for people to think things are too repetitive, so feel free to voice your opinion.

With that, November looks to be another busy month. Look for two major interviews to pop up this month: My first is with Tab Hunter. Yes, the Tab Hunter! I’ll also be interviewing the “voice” of TCM, Robin Bittman. Also look for some new book reviews (and maybe a giveaway), possibly another Top 20 list (Feel free to give me a subject!), and more.

Hope you had a great Halloween and are prepped for another awesome holiday season with Journeys in Classic Film!



Lake Update

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