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The Lake Update for June 2016


Hello ladies and gents! As you’ve probably noticed by the amount of late content going up, it’s been a crazy time for me, personally. Between my regular job as well as an uptick in freelance opportunities, I’m writing up a storm daily. Thank you to everyone for bearing with me as I publish Fridays With… posts on Sunday. I hope to get back on-track soon.

As for what else is happening, it’s summertime again at Journeys in Classic Film! That means we’ll be starting the 4th Annual July Five in just a few short weeks! If you’re unaware, every July I cover five stars over five days for five weeks. (So, technically we start things at the end of June but who’s counting?) If you have a couple, director, actor or actress you’d like me to cover, don’t hesitate to leave a comment – either below or on the JCF Facebook. The Fridays With… series will go on hiatus until September – and remain sporadic throughout the rest of the year due to holiday coverage – but I’m still taking suggestions for that series, as well! And be on the lookout for an announcement – probably next month – regarding the 2nd Annual TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon!

If you’re one of the generous people who clicks my purchase links at the end of my reviews, you’ve probably noticed it no longer takes you to Amazon. I’ve paired up with the fantastic folks at Allied Vaughn to give you a new, personal classic film buying experience. Courtesy of Movie Zyng you can now search my official JCF store and purchase countless titles where a small portion of your purchase goes back into making Journeys in Classic Film as awesome as it can be. Don’t be alarmed. This doesn’t mean you’ll see any sponsored content or excessive advertising – outside of WordAds which keeps the site going – but this does allow for some more curated purchasing without you endlessly searching through Amazon.

In terms of what’s on tap for June: More reviews, maybe a list or two, and interviews with Undercrank founder Ben Model and a young woman you might have heard of…TCM’s new host, Tiffany Vazquez!

Massive thanks to everyone who continues to support Journeys in Classic Film! Without your comments and kind thoughts I’d probably be very overwhelmed by now. Talk to you all soon!



Lake Update

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