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The 2016 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon


It’s my honor to announce I’ll be hosting the TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon for a second year in a row, running the entire month of August! There’s an absolutely amazing lineup of stars this month. Complete details, including how you can win some fabulous prizes and the stars being honored, are after the cut.

To kick things off, here’s the complete schedule of stars being honored:

  • August 1st – Edward G. Robinson
  • August 2nd – Lucille Ball
  • August 3rd – Bing Crosby
  • August 4th – Fay Wray
  • August 5th – Karl Malden
  • August 6th – Montgomery Clift
  • August 7th – Jean Harlow
  • August 8th – Esther Williams (My girl!)
  • August 9th – Tim Holt
  • August 10th – Hedy Lamarr
  • August 11th – Spencer Tracy
  • August 12th – Janet Gaynor
  • August 13th – Ralph Richardson
  • August 14th – Cyd Charisse (!)
  • August 15th – Roddy McDowall
  • August 16th – Anne Baxter
  • August 17th – James Edwards
  • August 18th – Angie Dickinson
  • August 19th – Ruby Keeler
  • August 20th – Humphrey Bogart
  • August 21st – Bette Davis
  • August 22nd – Robert Montgomery
  • August 23rd – Brigitte Bardot
  • August 24th – Constance Cummings
  • August 25th – Van Johnson
  • August 26th – Boris Karloff
  • August 27th – James Garner
  • August 28th – Jean Arthur
  • August 29th – Charles Boyer
  • August 30th – Jean Simmons
  • August 31st – Dean Martin


Now, remember how I mentioned fabulous prizes? Well, the wonderful folks at Warner Archive and Kino delivered. There will be three, count ’em three, prize tiers this year. The grand prize winner will receive copies of Deadline U.S.A. (1952) and The Mark of Zorro (1940) on Blu-ray courtesy of Kino. A selection of winners, picked at random, will receive a Warner Archive DVD or Blu of their choice – amount of winners subject to how many discs WA sends. Another selection of winners will receive a classic film book, including the chance to win a copy of Jeremy Arnold’s The Essentials. So, how do you win?

  • You must post at least one eligible entry in the 2015 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon.
  • For every eligible 2015 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon entry you post, your name is entered into the drawing for one the three prize packs. If you post one entry, your name is entered once. If you post 10 entries, your name is entered ten times. You may only win one of the three prizes. (That’s not to say I won’t slip in an extra DVD or item if they’re laying around. I’m generous like that!)

What do I need from you right now? Your commitment. If you’re interested in participating, shoot me an email ( or leave a comment below with your blog name, email address, and what day(s) you wish to cover. On July 30th-31st I’ll be announcing the participating blogs.

An entry is considered eligible if it meets the following criteria:

  • The entry must be new (not something previously published).
  • The entry may be posted before the star’s day, but we will not promote it until the star’s day. However, the entry must be posted no later than 5:59am EDT at the end of that star’s day. Turner Classic Movies counts a day as 6:00am on one day to 6:00am the next, not midnight to midnight. For example, August 1 is Edward G. Robinsons day. His day officially starts at 6:00am on 8/1 and ends at 5:59am on 8/2.  Each star’s day follows suit. Because this blogathon is based on TCM’s schedule, this will be the schedule of record, so those of you not based in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States, please make your time calculations accordingly.
  • Entries can be anything so long as they are related to the stars being focused on. Film reviews do not have to be of films airing, but you must reference that the entry is for this blogathon (see next rule) and how the film or topic connects back to that star. With that being said, Top 10 lists, articles, etc. are allowed so long as they can be logically connected to the star on that day.
  • Each entry you post, regardless of style or length or number, must specifically reference that it is an entry in the “2016 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon” and must contain a link back to my blog. (I will be promoting all of the bloggers every day throughout the month, so we want to ensure that readers have one of two central locations.)


  • The drawing will be held no later than Friday, September 4th, 2013.
  • Winners will be notified via email by September 5th and must confirm receipt of the notification by September 12th. In the absence of confirmation of the first notification, reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winner via other channels. If confirmation is not made by the winner by September 19th, that winner forfeits his prize and another winner will be drawn.
  • Prizes will be shipped once confirmation arrangements have been made with all winners.
  • Winners’ names will be published on my blog once shipping arrangements have been made with all winners.
  • The DVD/Blu-ray prizes are Region 1. Substitutions for other Regions cannot be made, nor may any prizes be substituted. Also, due to international shipping prices, while the blogathon is open to anyone, worldwide, the prizes will only be dispensed to US residents although residents of any country are able to participate.
  • A writer can write about as many different stars as they’d like, but specific films are one per person. For example, only one person can review Thrill of a Romance for Esther Williams day, but everyone can write for Esther Williams day if they want.

Kristen Lopez View All

A freelance film critic whose work fuels the Rotten Tomatoes meter. I've been published on The Hollywood Reporter, Remezcla, and The Daily Beast. I've been featured in the L.A. Times. I currently run two podcasts, Citizen Dame and Ticklish Business.

71 thoughts on “The 2016 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon Leave a comment

  1. Kristen, I have a question. Can a blogger write about more than one movie star during the month? Or is it relegated to one movie star per blogger?

  2. Hi Kristen ~ I’d like to join your TCM SUTS Blogathon.

    ( 1. ) My blog’s name is CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch
    ( 2. ) My e-mail address is
    ( 3. ) The days covered will be: August 25th ~ Van Johnson ~ “High Barbaree” and August 26th ~ Karloff

    …and if I get really ambitious, I’ll reach out again to you. Thank you!


  3. In addition to Bette, I’ll also take Edward G. Robinson on August 1st. The film I will write about is: “The Woman In The Window”

    And on August 20th, I’ll do Humphrey Bogart. The film I will cover is: “The Maltese Falcon”.

    I would love to do Spencer Tracy, but sadly that is a busy day for me. And for Bette, I’ll write about her Oscar nominated performances.

    P.S: Did you find out whether my USA shipping address is eligible for the prizes?

  4. Hey Kristen, I’d like to write a text tribute to Anne Baxter for August 16 (why I love her and all this) and also, I’d like to write about Jean Simmons in Until they Sail for August 30.

  5. Hi Kristen, I would like to join for James Garner day. Since I’m focusing on westerns this summer I will write about HOUR OF THE GUN (1967). Thanks!

  6. Hi Kristen. I’m not sure whether or not you received my last comment, or if it went through: But this is what I sent:

    In addition to Bette, I’ll also take Edward G. Robinson on August 1st. The film I will write about is: “The Woman In The Window”

    And on August 20th, I’ll do Humphrey Bogart. The film I will cover is: “The Maltese Falcon”.

    I would love to do Spencer Tracy, but sadly that is a busy day for me. And for Bette, I’ll write about her Oscar nominated performances.

    P.S: Did you find out whether my USA shipping address is eligible for the prizes?

  7. Hi Kristen,

    My blog is Mariah’s Musings.
    I’m interested, but I haven’t decided what approach I want to take yet. I know I would want to do a day before August 17 I start a new year of grad school.

    • Hi Mariah! Happy to have you join. If you’re open to recommendations no one has taken days on the following stars: Bing Crosby, Fay Wray, Karl Malden, Esther Williams, Tim Holt, Hedy Lamarr, Janet Gaynor, Ralph Richardson, Roddy McDowall, or James Edwards – all on the 17th or before.

  8. I thought about it! I’m interested in August 2nd or August 9th (my Mom turns the big 6-0!). My take on the 9th would be the non-Westerns of Tim Holt.

  9. Hi there. I would like to write about Boris Karloff in Peter Bogdanovich’s TARGETS.
    My blog is
    Thank you, Josh.

  10. Hi, lovely! I would love to participate! My blog is Musings of a Classic Film Addict at, my email is, and I’d love to write about Esther, Hedy, and Cyd! If possible, I was thinking for each one I could do a sort of “my picks” article and choose a few of the films from their lineup and talk about why I recommend them and probably dive into some trivia and history of the films as well! If that isn’t what you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll reply with specific films. Either way this is a great idea and I’d be happy to be a part of it!

  11. Hi Kristen – I’m excited you’re hosting again this year, something I look forward to.

    For now I’d like to do something on FIVE STAR FINAL (1931) for Eddie G. and “Karloff as Mr. Wong” for Boris Karloff day. Let me know if those are still available. I’ll likely send you others if time allows.


    Once Upon a Screen (

  12. Hi Kristen. I don’t think I’m going to have time to do a post for Edward G. Robinson by August 1st. So I will bow out of that day. Instead of Eddie, can I do James Garner on his day and write about “The Great Escape”??. I have more time later in the month. I’m still right for Bette and Bogart.

  13. Hello!!! My name is Amy. Twitter name is tracyhepburnfan. My blog is I would like to do Karl Malden and Roddy McDowall. For Karl Malden, I will write about On the Waterfront. For Roddy McDowall, I will write about How Green Was My Valley.

  14. Thought I’d leave a message here too. Hoping to join your SUTS blogathon with a post on Robert Montgomery ~ 8/22 covering When Ladies Meet. Would that be alright? I know it’s late notice 🙂

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