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The Lake Update for September 2016


Hello you awesome classic film fans! Let me start off by saying that today I celebrate my birthday (a lady never reveals her age and I ain’t gonna!) and there’s no better way than to celebrate with you all. On top of that, it’s hard to believe in November I’ll be celebrating five years as the owner and operator of Journeys in Classic Film.

With that, you’ve probably noticed the lack of on-time posts, especially during the busy Summer Under the Stars blogathon. (A quick addendum, I want to thank EVERYONE who participated and contributed articles. Contest prizes will be announced in the next few days.) I haven’t forgotten the site; Journeys in Classic Film will always be my calling card. However, the monetization here is limited so I’ve been upping my freelancing in other places. I’m now a staff contributor at, as well as a regular review at Spectrum Culture. And let’s not forget the creator and host of Ticklish Business. The site’s not going anywhere, far from it. With the blogathon over I’m hoping to take the next few months to gear up for Halloween and Christmas, maybe an anniversary event or two, and the upcoming Classic Film Secret Santa project I spearheaded last year. I’ll always have Journeys in Classic Film on my list of priorities, but posting might be a taste more sporadic than usual.

Thankfully, the site garners heavy traffic and that’s all because of you. I’m hoping to gear up to include more podcast episode, more lists, etc. The site runs on your input so don’t hesitate to send me messages or comments saying what you love or hate about the site. I can’t believe five years has arrived so quickly and I’m hoping for another five more with you guys.

Talk soon!



Lake Update

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