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The 2017 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon

Below the cut you’ll find all the blogs currently scheduled to participate and the given days they’ll be posting. I will be updating this list daily throughout the month, posting links as they come in. Here’s to a great blogathon!

The Blonde Screwball reviews her autobiography

Rick’s Cafe Texan reviews Milland in Dial M for Murder (1954)

Old Hollywood Films profiles Lon Chaney

Rick’s Cafe Texan reviews Trevor in Texas (1941)

Champagne for Lunch reviews Gene in Inherit the Wind (1960)

Cinema Cities reviews Out of the Past (1947)

Cinema Cities reviews Never Say Goodbye (1946)

Champagne for Lunch reviews Eleanor in The Woman in White (1948)

Rick’s Cafe Texan looks at Franchot’s role in Midnight Mary (1933)

Rick’s Cafe Texan reviews If a Man Answers (1962)

Rick’s Cafe Texan looks at the politics in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)

Champagne for Lunch reviews Poitier in The Defiant Ones (1958)

Cinema Cities reviews Bachelor Mother (1939)

Old Hollywood Films ranks Ginger’s films with Fred Astaire

Thoughts All Sorts

Rick’s Cafe Texan explores Wayne’s performance in The Searchers (1956)

Cracked Rear Viewer reviews Wayne in The Long Voyage Home (1940)

Silver Screen Modes examines Barbara’s best movies

Cinema Cities reviews The Lady Eve (1941)

Channel Tim reviews Vanessa Redgrave in Camelot (1967)

Champagne for Lunch reviews two Montalban features

Brown Girl’s Burden looks at Montalban’s power in his characters

Forgotten Films reviews Kissin’ Cousins (1964)

Old Hollywood Films analyzes the title musical number from Jailhouse Rock (1957)

Rick’s Cafe Texan reviews Rosalind in Auntie Mame (1958)

Cinema Cities reviews His Girl Friday (1940)

Musings of a Classic Film Addict recommends five films to check out on Rod Taylor’s day

Cinematic Scribblings looks at Lansbury in The World of Henry Orient (1964)

Brown Girl’s Burden looks at Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

Cinema Cities reviews Penny Serenade (1941)

The Story Enthusiast looks at the various Cary Grant biographies out there

Watching Forever looks at five Harding films to watch out for

Classic Film Observations and Obsessions examines Ann’s contribution to the film Double Harness (1933)

Cinema Cities reviews Dear Heart (1964)

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies reviews Greer Garson in Her Twelve Men (1954)

Rick’s Cafe Texan looks at Garson in 1978’s Little Women

Vitaphone Dreamer reviews The Very Thought of You (1944)

Silents and Talkies reviews Simone in La Veuve Courderc (1971)

F for Films reviews James Cagney in Ragtime (1981)

Rick’s Cafe Texan looks at Caron’s autobiography, Thank Heaven

Strother Martin Film Project looks at PIckens’ collaborations with Strother Martin

I review Marion in When Knighthood Was in Flower (1922)

Rick’s Cafe Texan reviews Show People (1928)

Rick’s Cafe Texan looks at the lovely Liz in A Place in the Sun (1951)

Musings of a Classic Film Addict recommends five films to check out on Elizabeth Taylor’s day

Old Hollywood Films reviews National Velvet (1944)

Kristen Lopez View All

A freelance film critic whose work fuels the Rotten Tomatoes meter. I've been published on The Hollywood Reporter, Remezcla, and The Daily Beast. I've been featured in the L.A. Times. I currently run two podcasts, Citizen Dame and Ticklish Business.

28 thoughts on “The 2017 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon Leave a comment

  1. It looks like TCM accidentally put a picture of George Sanders for Dennis Morgan on the 24th – just checked the site and they’ve fixed it. 🙂

    Looking forward to the blogathon!

  2. Hi Kristen. I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to get a post written on time for Barbara Stanwyck today. I’ve had so many unexpected things come up which is preventing me from doing things. At this stage I am still right for Angela Lansbury day. Hopefully, I can make up for today’s post by covering another star on their allocated day. It’s a damn shame, as I really wanted to write about Stannyy.

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