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Hollywood and Wine: Top 6 Women in Classic Game Shows

I’m jumping into the podcast game this week! Well, for those who have followed my work, I produced Hollywood and Wine, a classic TV podcast, through most of 2020. Each week I examine and pay tribute to the names and faces behind the television shows which laid the ground work for the medium as we know it today.

The show’s been on a bit of a hiatus this autumn, but I’ll be returning in January with new episodes. In the lead up to my return, I wanted to spotlight some of my favorite episodes

This episode initially aired June 10th.

In this episode, I spotlight the career of television writer Kathleen Hite, discuss my feelings on streaming site Peacock, and finally talk about my Top 6 Women in the History of Classic Game Shows.

The full archive of Hollywood and Wine episodes is available wherever you listen to podcasts! More episodes will be coming your way every other Wednesday.

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