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Ticklish Business Holiday Gift Guide (2020)

It’s not too hard to assume that the holidays have snuck up on more than a few of us. I mean, how is it December already? Wasn’t it just July? Well, with the holiday season already here, and most of us struggling through gift giving which will be almost entirely virtual this year, we here at Ticklish Business are here to help. Here are our shopping recommendations from fans of classic entertainment, for fans of classic entertainment. We’re here to do the hard work so you don’t have to!

Click the images to go directly to purchase!

There are plenty of artists among the talented and creative film fans around the world. In an entertainment climate where it is sometimes hard to find the classics, it is occasionally necessary to dig a little deeper for those truly memorable Old Hollywood finds. Artist Kate Gabrielle is one of the best, with an inventory that includes t-shirts, buttons, bags and so much more!

Some of our favorites are below, but be sure to click through to the rest of her inventory!

Also, make sure to check out Kate’s hub over on TeePublic, where she houses even more fun inventory for classic film fans.


There’s a host of classic Hollywood goodness over on RedBubble for fans of every special little niche. As you’re clicking over to the site, be sure to check out AleMogolloArt.

Here’s just a snapshot of what’s available!

However, there are plenty of other creators showing some fun designs on a variety of products, from notebooks, to stickers, and even hoodies. Chances are that if you’re looking for something specific, one of RedBubble’s many artists has dreamed up something special. (click the picture for a link to the seller).

Larry Edmunds:

For all your cinematic book needs, make sure you get with the folks at Larry Edmunds Bookshop. A Hollywood establishment, the store has been struggling throughout the pandemic, and is in dire need of support. Here’s a look at some of the most recent content posted to their social media feed.

Unfortunately, the shop doesn’t have a website. However, all their contact info can be found on their Facebook page. Be sure to reach out with any questions and potential orders for shipping!

Warner Archive:

For fans of classic entertainment searching for physical media, there are a few places to look. Here are some of our favorites at Warner Archive, a site which features some amazing variety and some truly exciting new releases.

Jean Harlow fans of the world rejoice! Libeled Lady has been remade a number of times, but this initial 1936 release will always be the best version. Come for Jean Harlow, and stay for plenty of William Powell and Mryna Loy delightfulness in this Warner Archive new release.

One of yours truly’s fondest TCMFF memories is stumbling upon this delightful, Humphrey Bogart deep cut. This 1942 action comedy is no where near as well known as it should be, and is a must see for all Bogart fans. Trust me, be sure to add this one to your basket.


Obviously, Amazon is the best resource we have for one stop shopping. They have movies, books, toys, and it is fairly reliable for getting things easily before the holiday. If you’re looking for physical media this holiday season, this is one of the best places to start.

Since it first hit television screens in 1960, The Flintstones quickly established itself as an example of memorable and classic animation. Though, in years past, it has been hard to find outside of streaming sites. With the complete series finally receiving a Blu-ray release, physical media fans can now finally own the entire series!

Natalie Wood has long been one of my all-time favorites, and I’ve read most of the biographies written about her legendary life and career. So, when I discovered Wood’s daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner was writing a book about her mother, this one quickly jumped onto my list.

If you haven’t started collecting Funko Pops there’s never a bad time to start. With each year that passes, the toy company ventures a little deeper into classic entertainment with their adorably designed products. Pictured above are just two of their 2020 releases, Elvis Presley and Jessica Fletcher herself, from the long running mystery series, Murder She Wrote. This is just a snapshot. There are plenty of themed classic entertainment Funko Pops only a click away. Take a look!


In a landscape where small movie distributors are going out of business, Kino has managed to go bigger and bigger with their releases every year. They do not just have amazing transfers of classic films that should have been on Blu-ray ages ago, but also integrate some great contemporary releases you might have seen on TCM recently (looking at you Grace of My Heart!).

I’m absolutely adoring how Kino is balancing contemporary releases with obscure new releases, like this Maurice Chevalier/Jeanette MacDonald starrer. Or, if you’re in the mood for a little bit of fright during the holiday season, I can’t recommend enough their fantastic one-two punch of Bob Hope horror/comedies: The Ghost Breakers (1940) and The Cat and the Canary (1939).

And if you want even more bang for your buck, Kino has been killing it with their box sets this year. With so much Cary Grant stuff out already, why not invest in this box set that includes three of Grant’s earliest features? Kino also has put out sets devoted to Reginald Denny, Carole Lombard, and Tony Curtis!

Criterion Collection

We know that Criterion is the place to snag gifts for the ultimate film fanatic. This year’s releases were a bit slight on classic film-related content, but what they did put out was amazing, including the 1974 feature Claudine and 1953’s War of the Worlds. And if you don’t have room for physical discs, you can always give someone the gift of a membership to Criterion’s streaming service.

Well, good luck with your holiday shopping this year, and may the deals be fruitful and forever in your favor! Stay turned for more from us here, as we keep a look out for more fun, classic new releases as well as all the must-see content available for fans of Old Hollywood and classic entertainment.

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