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Ticklish Business #105: Mildred Pierce (1945 with William Schoell)

#148: Lizabeth Scott & ’Dead Reckoning’ (1947, with Alan K. Rode) Ticklish Business

We're celebrating Lizabeth Scott's centennial and the 75th anniversary of her performance in Dead Reckoning with her biographer Alan K. Rode. Rode joins us again to celebrate Scott's performance and dives deep into why she's not better known.   Kristen's written a new book for TCM and Running Press called But Have You Read the Book? all about film adaptations! You can pre-order it now before its March 7th release date.   Reviews matter and you can help us out by giving us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts! Also, tell your friends to like and subscribe to our Patreon, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels!   This episode created thanks to our Patrons: Christine Mier Danny David Floyd Jacob Haller mcf Beverly Christina Lane Jeffrey Peter Bryant Peter Dawson Sofia Copilled Ann Foster Brittany Brock Cat Cooper Donna Hill Fuckbois of Literature Harry Holland Laura Neill Peter Blitstein Rosa Jill Marie Morris Livvy Amy Hart
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Joan Crawford: The Essential Biography author William Schoell sits down with Kristen and Samantha to talk about Joan Crawford, her career at MGM, and her Oscar-winning role in 1945’s Mildred Pierce.

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