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Ticklish Business #107: Bob Koster On His Father, Henry Koster

#140: Top 3 Favorite Film Costumes (with Deborah Landis) Ticklish Business

Kristen is joined by acclaimed costume designer and professor Deborah Nadoolman Landis to talk about their three favorite classic film costumes. What are the costumes that make you swoon? And which did Kristen pick as her number one?   Be sure to watch TCM's Follow the Thread series, much of which is on HBO Max!   Reviews matter and you can help us out by giving us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts! Also, tell your friends to like and subscribe to our Patreon, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels! We also have a shiny new website you can visit now!   This episode created thanks to our Patrons: Peter Bryant Ann Foster Jacob Haller Laura Neill Christine Mier David Floyd Peter Blitstein Peter Dawson Jeffrey Danny Fuckbois of Literature Christina Lane Sofia Copilled Rosa McF Donna Hill Cat Cooper Harry Holland Lora Stocker Jennifer Hill
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Bob Koster joins Kristen and Kimberly to talk about his father, director Henry Koster. Hear about Henry’s journey out of Germany, what makes his movies special, and Kristen confesses to not seeing a pretty significant feature.

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