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Ticklish Business #110: Sherlock Jr. (1924)

#154: The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) with Michael Schulman Ticklish Business

We're looking at one of the most contentious Best Picture winners in Oscar history with this week's episode! Michael Schulman, author of Oscar Wars, joins us to discuss the 1952 Oscars and Best Picture Winner The Greatest Show on Earth. We also talk about the circus, sponsored content, and why Buttons the Clown is the best on-screen credit ever.   You can buy Michael's book, Oscar Wars, by clicking the link.   Kristen's written a new book for TCM and Running Press called But Have You Read the Book? all about film adaptations! You can buy it wherever you buy books and if you're in Los Angeles on March 29th at 7pm consider heading over to Larry Edmunds bookstore where Kristen will be doing an in-person signing.   Reviews matter and you can help us out by giving us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts! Also, tell your friends to like and subscribe to our Patreon, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok channels!   This episode created thanks to our Patrons: Debbi Lynne Ali Moore Christine Mier Danny David Floyd Jacob Haller mcf Beverly Christina Lane Jeffrey Peter Bryant Peter Dawson Sofia Copilled Ann Foster Brittany Brock Cat Cooper Donna Hill Fuckbois of Literature Harry Holland Laura Neill Peter Blitstein Rosa Melanie Amy Hart
  1. #154: The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) with Michael Schulman
  2. #153: Wuthering Heights (1939) with Kristen Lopez
  3. #152: Messiest Classic Film Couples
  4. #151: King Kong (1933) with Mark Vaz, James D’Arc & Joe DeVito
  5. BONUS: Marion Davies 101 with Lara Gabrielle

Kristen may be out this week but the Ticklish Trio holds down the fort by getting detective lessons from Buster Keaton! They’re discussing 1924’s Sherlock Jr., Buster Keaton’s vaudeville past and the nature of silent comedy.

Next Time: We have a special guest join us to talk The Killers (1946)

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