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TCM Picks: May 24th- May 30th

We’re back for another look at the TCM schedule for the upcoming week! Be sure to click on the link if you’d like to deep dive into some more detail… as usual, there’s plenty which even we couldn’t include. After all, it does you no good if we just “pick” the whole week (despite how much we may want too).

There’s lots hitting the small screen this week and I think the variety shows in the picks. There’s international fair, drive-in caliber horror, Oscar pictures, war movies and even some deep cuts, all gracing the TCM airwaves. Check out the slide show above for our favorites while the (approximate) themes for the week are below.

Here’s your TCM week at a glance!

  • Monday May 24th sees the morning spent showing films about salesmen with the afternoon showcasing movies about mining. Meanwhile, the ‘Star of the Month’ celebration of cinematic Roberts takes over in the evening with Robert(s): Duvall, DeNiro and Blake receiving tributes.
  • Tuesday May 25th has the network spending the morning with the theme: ‘The Ongoing Fight for Justice’ while the network transitions to the ‘Body Images on Film’ series in the evening.
  • Wednesday May 26th features a delightful line-up of science fiction and horror movies before shifting to the ‘Order in the Court’ series in the evening.
  • Thursday May 27th features an all day tribute to musicals.
  • Friday May 28th sees the network running a daytime marathon of wilderness and hunting movies before starting the Memorial Day celebration which runs through Monday on TCM in the evening.

War movie buffs, make sure to camp out in front of the television all weekend. The network is showcasing pictures from all decades and moods. There’s plenty for fans to watch, the programming ranges from essentials like The Great Escape and The Dirty Dozen, to some slightly deeper cuts such as: 36 Hours and Thunder Afloat.

What are you excited for? Let us know in the comments! Happy viewing!

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