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Summer Under the Stars- Abbott and Costello (August 7th)

Some Reflection:

If you read my Top 5 piece yesterday, you should know that I have a deep fondness for Abbott and Costello. I’ve been watching the duo’s movies for as long as I can remember, and I feel comfortable saying they’re one of my entry points into classic cinema. In fact, in the pantheon of classic comedians, Abbott and Costello rank right alongside The Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy. It’s about time they get some much deserved attention!

Now… I just need to get busy writing….

A Career in Review:

Bud and Lou (1978)

Ticklish Business Top 5: Favorite Abbott and Costello Movies

If You Can Only Watch One:

Admittedly, I do think it is a missed opportunity that TCM isn’t airing Hold That Ghost (by far and away their best film!) during Summer Under the Stars. However, I am happy to see Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein airing smack dab in the middle of primetime (8:00pm EST). The horror comedy follows the boys as shipping clerks who unwittingly become involved in Count Dracula’s (Bela Lugosi) plan to bring ‘Frankenstein’ (Glenn Strange) back to life. It’s a fun, lively and entertaining exploration of the Universal Horror movies and is a definite must see for fans of the genre.

What Abbott and Costello movies are you looking forward to today? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. ‘Admittedly…. Hold That Ghost, by far and away their best film! ‘

    Agree! Pure A&C charm. Leave us not forget Shemp Howard behind the soda counter in the bus departure scene.

    I could not count the number of times, tipsy or sober, that we friends in diner, bars, cars — anytime anywhere in early 1970s— pulled the hilarious timing of: “Did you slap me? Uh-uh. Did you slap me? Uh-uh. Uh-oh!” to bring about laughter.

    I even had the joy of revising that bit into a little routine about turning out classroom lights (No slapping of course!) with one of my 2nd grade Special Education resource students a few years ago. We engaged in it as he walked with family at my school crosswalk station at dismissal. Kind of hope he will stumble across Hold That Ghost some day and realize the connection with a smile. ☺

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