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Summer Under the Stars- Robert Young (August 16th)

Some Reflection:

Robert Young is a fascinating figure to finally get some time during Summer Under the Stars. While the actor has a film career stretching back to the 1930s, he’s best remembered by audiences for his later career evolution. This came in 1954 when he became one of the most essential (and most remembered) ‘TV Dads’ thanks to his portrayal of Jim Anderson on the long-running family sitcom Father Knows Best.

Unfortunately though, this much loved association with early television does little to keep the memory of Young’s early career in the pop culture memory. His work in noirs like Crossfire and They Won’t Believe Me is particularly versatile and compelling and I’m excited for people to take today to dive into the Robert Young behind the pipe and cardigan.

What movie are you checking out today?

A Career in Review:

Journey for Margaret (1942)

The Canterville Ghost (1944)

Crossfire (1947)

They Won’t Believe Me (1947)

If You Can Only Watch One:

Those who missed They Won’t Believe Me during the Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival should clear their schedule to check this one out when it airs. Okay, it is an early morning airing (2:00am EST)… so DVR it. You’ve been told. And to be honest, I’m pretty sure I’ve tossed out this recommendation a few times now, if you miss it after this point… I can’t help you.

The 1947 noir features Robert Young as a stockbroker who’s on trial for murder. As the story of his various… issues… is told throughout his trial, Robert Young dives into some truly stunning character work which would make Jim Anderson turn white as a ghost. It’s truly a brilliant performance. Add this one to your lists. Trust me!

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  1. For Robert Young favorite I choose,

    H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941)

    “A man who lived his life as he was was told he should, not as he would have chosen to, is brought out of his shell by a beautiful young woman.” (IMdb quote)

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