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Summer Under the Stars- Eve Arden (August 23rd)

Some Reflection:

I came to Eve Arden’s career a bit backwards. While she was a mainstay on movie screens throughout the classic Hollywood era, I actually found my way to Eve Arden through her television work. I’ve been listening to Our Miss. Brooks for as long as I can remember… more on this later!

Eve Arden is a true icon among Hollywood character performers. It doesn’t matter the part or the movie. Few have the power she does to take even the most thankless role and make it her own.

What movies are you looking forward to watching?

A Career in Review:

Stage Door (1937)

Mildred Pierce (1945)

Night and Day (1946)

Kim’s Top 6: Favorite Old Time Radio Shows

If You Can Only Watch One:

I’m not sure how one can expect an Eve Arden fan to pick one film on a day like today. I mean, from movies like At the Circus, to The Unfaithful, Tea for Two and Mildred Pierce… there’s a lot to love in this line-up. I’ve often talked of my fondness for many of these roles . You really can’t pick wrong.

While many of these recommendations speak for themselves, I have to throw out Our Miss Brooks as my one not to miss. The 1956 feature features Arden as Connie Brooks in the role she made famous on not only radio, but on television as the series was coming to a close. The movie shows Arden in what I would argue as her greatest role, functioning at her comedic peak. Plus, the movie features big screen turns by the always amazing Gale Gordon, the always adorable Richard Crenna and the delightful Joseph Kearns. Check it out if your haven’t seen it.

Our Miss. Brooks airs at 8:00pm PST.

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