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Summer Under the Stars- Merle Oberon (August 27th)

Some Reflection:

I am admittedly, not the best person at Ticklish Business HQ to tackle the prolific and extensive career of Merle Oberon. I’m painfully under-viewed. In fact, she’s a fascinating figure who I’ve always been interested in diving more into!

I feel like my Merle Oberon exposure has come from the very literary based costume dramas of the 1930s… particularly the essential Wuthering Heights and the adorable 1934 film The Scarlet Pimpernel. However, a look over her filmography shows a compelling variety of roles stretching over her more than forty years on-screen.

A Career in Review:

These Three (1936)

Wuthering Heights (1939)

If You Can Only Watch One:

You crazy kids who hang around Ticklish Business HQ alot can probably guess what’s coming here…

Hotel… shocking, right?! The 1967 feature is airing in a horrific, DVR friendly timeslot, staring at 3:45am EST. The supersized drama features an equally massive cast, including: Rod Taylor, Karl Malden, Melvyn Douglas, Chatherine Spaak, Richard Conte and another perennial favorite, Kevin McCarthy.

The movie (which comes from a novel by writer Arthur Hailey) feels very much like the supersized, event dramas which would come to define popular culture over the next few years. I mean, Airport was still three years off.

Hotel follows the action at a once elegant, New Orleans hotel which has started falling on some hard times. Will the dashing and elegant young manager (Rod Taylor) be able to pull the place through a paritcularly rough stretch?

Now, tell me. What Merle Oberon movies are you excited for today?

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  1. I recommend the melodrama Night Song which costars Dana Andrews. Oberon is an heiress who pretends to be poor and blind to help the bitter and poor Andrews. It also co-stars Ethel Barrymore.

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