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Ticklish Business Top 10: Most Popular Episodes of 2021

Our end-of-the-year lists continue today as we take a deep dive into the Ticklish Business Podcast archives. While the Trio is hard at work hashing out all kinds of fun content for our episodes in 2022, we wanted to take one last look at the year that was 2021. Are you trying to get caught up? Well, we poured through the data, and here are the results! Sit down, relax, and take a listen to our Top 10 Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2021.

Better catch up quickly! Our first episode of the new year drops on Wednesday, January 12th! (It’s available now for Ticklish Business Patreon subscribers!)

#101: Top 3 New Discoveries of 2020

Every year, the Ticklish Trio sits down to talk about our favorite “Classic Film Discoveries” from the previous year. Well, 2021 was no different. Listen as Samantha, Drea and Kristen sit down and talk about everything they watched over the year that was 2020. There are bound to be some excellent recommendations!

As I keep subtly mentioning (do you like how I did that?) come back on Wednesday to hear Samantha, Kristen and Kim talk about everything they watched over2021. I mean, we all need more recommendations, am I right?

#123: Noirvember & Laura (1944)

Regular Ticklish Business readers will know that Kim can never resist an opportunity to give a noir recommendation. So, as ‘Noirvember’ rolled around, we had to sit down and talk about one of the ultimate works of the movement, the 1944 classic Laura. Listen to plenty of talk focusing on noir, the delight that was Clifton Webb, and of course, the underrated luminescence of Gene Tierney. She deserved far more love than she got, darnit.

#115: Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and A Place in the Sun (with Charles Casillo)

Are there any prettier screen couples than Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor? We didn’t think so. In this episode, Kim and Kristen sit down to talk with writer Charles Casillo about his 2021 book: Elizabeth and Monty: The Untold Story of Their Intimate Friendship. There’s lots of talk about Liz and Monty (of course!) but also plenty of gushing… A Place in the Sun is one of those perfect movies, after all!

#105: Mildred Pierce (1945 with William Schoell)

Early in the year Kristen and Samantha sat down to talk the legend herself… the fierce and formidable Joan Crawford. And what movie do you talk about when you look at Miss. Joan? Any of you saying Mommy Dearest… you should be ashamed of yourselves. Sit down. Mildred Pierce, of course! Our guest this week was author William Schoell to join in on the conversation.

Karina Longworth on Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons

We all sit down and listen when there’s a new episode of You Must Remember This, so when Kim and Kristen had the opportunity to sit down and talk with author and podcaster Karina Longworth about her new season, they jumped at the opportunity. Of course, who could ignore a chance to talk about Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons! Just how are we meant to look back on the dueling mavens of gossip? How do we contextualize their actions more than a half-century later? Well, take a listen to this interview and find out?

#117: Gene Kelly Top 3 (with Patricia Ward Kelly)

Our guests were tremendously popular with Ticklish Business listeners this year. Another fun episode hit in August as we celebrated Gene Kelly‘s 109th birthday. We were thrilled to sit down with Patricia Ward Kelly (the widow of Gene Kelly) to discuss our Top 3 favorites in his rich and varied filmography. Musical fans will know, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Of course… it also wouldn’t be a discussion of Kelly if the subject of his “shorty shorts” didn’t come up at least once.

#119: Hayley Mills Interview

We had quite the autumn over on Ticklish Business. We followed up our chat with Patricia Ward Kelly with a delightfully fun interview as Kristen and I talked to the Disney legend herself: Hayley Mills. The interview supported the release of her book: Forever Young: A Memoir. Sit back and listen as we talk about everything from her famous Father to George Harrison, The Parent Trap and (you guessed it!) Walt Disney.

#124: Susan Slept Here (1954)

It was Christmas 2020 when Kim made a decision: The Ticklish Trio needed to sit down to talk about that fascinatingly strange bit of Christmasey fluff, Susan Slept Here. As Christmas 2021 rolled around, we finally took on the challenge. And oh boy, was it quite the discussion! With a script that involves an April/September romance between Dick Powell and Debbie Reynolds, there was a lot to dive into here. Stop by and listen as Drea, Kim and Samantha tackle this strange little gem from every possible angle.

#116: Satire, Dr. Strangelove and The Great Dictator

As Kim sits down to type this, she’s honestly a bit stunned this episode made the cut! This hour of podcasting was heady, complicated, and deep. With The Great Dictator and Dr. Strangelove on our recently watched lists, there were a lot of hard subjects to discuss (complicated by Kim’s love-hate relationship with Charlie Chaplin). However, don’t let that scare you away, dear listeners. Can you think of two more fitting movies to pair together in 2021? Well, stop by and listen as Kim, Drea, and Samantha attempt to answer these challenging questions.

#103: Lana Turner Centennial

The iconic Lana Turner gets the Centennial treatment in this episode as Drea, Samantha and Kristen talk about her legendary career. The two movies in the spotlight are Peyton Place and Imitation of Life… there might also be some Johnny Stompanato talk. You’ve been warned! Enjoy!


Well, that brings us to a close! As mentioned, we have lots more goodies coming your way soon! We’re excited to bring you our first episode on Wednesday and it only gets more fun from there.

We’ll have lots more content coming your way soon! Till then!

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