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Wired (1989)- Based on a True Podcast

Listen up kids, we’re doing something special today! This is a Ticklish Biz premiere! Have you watched Wired? Well, have you?

Our Patreon exclusive podcast, Based on a True Podcast dives into the biopics, the true-crime pictures, the TV movies… if it’s based on a true Hollywood story, it can and has been fair game.

In today’s archival installment, our fearless looks at the controversial John Belushi biopic Wired stars Michael Chiklis as the iconic comedian.

There’s a lot more where this comes from! Interested in hearing more of these episodes? Pop on over to our Patreon to check out our exclusive content.

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Podcaster, film historian, and general lover of all things classic film and television. Studying the contributions of women behind the camera in classic television.

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