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NOTE: Please note, regarding interviews I have done with others, in most cases I do not have contact information for them nor would I be able to give out information if I did.

To book publishers, advertisers and/or authors:

I publish reviews on books related exclusively to film.  If you have a review copy you’d be interested in sending me please contact me at the email address below:




For other freelance opportunities:

I also do freelance writing work.  If you have a writing opportunity you believe would suit me please contact me at

12 thoughts on “Contact Me! Leave a comment

      • Actually the plural of “journey” which I believe is what you’re trying to say has no apostrophe, it would just be “journeys” (he took many journeys around the world). Writing “journey’s” with the apostrophe is saying either “journey is” (this journey’s going to be long and rough) or that something belongs to journey (the journey’s length). See? 😀

      • I must admit when I first got the comment on the apostrophe I assumed it was in “haha you don’t know words” kind of way but I must admit, I concede good sir (or madam). I actually Googled that when I created the blog and it seems I was led astray. What pains me is that I’m getting my B.A. in English in 5 weeks and apparently I suck at apostrophes. Thank you for not being a snooty English major (like I would have) and reminding me. I’ll be fixing that error ASAP. Hope my wanton disregard for apostrophes hasn’t ruined your reading of my blog lol.

  1. paulette goddard was not a pin up and a no brainer. she was a darn good actress and she prouved it immensely in her Oscar nominated film…..SO PROUDLY WE HAIL. a great filmbeautifully acted and photographed,,,,although I know you disagree. PAULETTE also showd her acting skills in THE WOMEN……REAP THE WILD WIND….KITTY,,,AND GHOSTBREAKERS. ONE of the most beautiful women in cinema……you seem to avoid her and rarely a mention is graced in your blog. makes me a little mad.

    • I have no issues with Goddard as an actress, and actually I wouldn’t want to make a determination on her because I haven’t seen enough of her films. While I didn’t care for her in So Proudly We Hail, I thoroughly enjoyed her in The Women (which I reviewed I’ll definitely have to watch more of her work, you’ve inspired me to give her a real chance. It’s not that I’ve avoided her at all, I just go with movies I have at my disposal and not a lot of Goddard’s films have caught my eye. Thanks for giving me some suggestions to watch!

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