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Leading Lady Week 6: Update


Can you believe we’re almost done with this tournament?  I’m not sure why, but it feels like it’s moving faster than the male tournament did.  Anyway, let’s look at where the ladies of the 1980s stand now.  There’s not much turnout, and the gap between first and second is miniscule; right now, it’s anyone’s game.

In the lead with five votes is Molly Ringwald

I figured Molly would jump to the forefront considering her place in many 80’s kids childhood.  She hasn’t given up her lead yet, and if the numbers stay the way they are she could sail into first place for the decade.

Coming up right behind, and tied with three points, are Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep.

Wow, these are two totally different actresses, and yet they’re tied for second place.  I don’t expect these two to be bound together for long.  One of them should break out, and I have the feeling it might be Streep.  Hawn did get to three points first, but Streep is a bigger star (no offense Goldie).  I’d love to see Goldie leap to take on Ringwald, but I’m not sure.

Right behind them with two votes is Sigourney Weaver.

Really, this is anyone’s to win considering the last four nominees here are all separated by a point.  Sigourney hasn’t gotten much love, but that could be because true fans are simply lazy (get out there, fans).  Could she be our Carrie Fisher?  I realize Carrie didn’t win, but she made a dramatic leap in the eleventh hour.

And with only one point is Sally Field.

I could make a poorly timed joke about you guys “not liking” Sally Field…but I’m better than that (I hope).  Sally doesn’t have much of a hold at all on the tournament, but I think a lot could happen between now and Monday.

Voting is still very much open.  Cast your vote!


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