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#132: Debbie Reynolds Top 3 with Todd Fisher

We’re celebrating the 90th birthday of actress Debbie Reynolds with a very special guest, Debbie’s son Todd Fisher. Todd shares his memories of his mom, as well as stories of the top 3 movies the Ticklish Trio picked as their favorites. This episode is so jam packed with stories it’s our longest episode to date!
Also, look for an exclusive video of the recording of this episode, available on Patreon, where Todd shows us several items from Debbie’s collection of memorabilia.
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Produced and edited by Kimberly Pierce
This episode created thanks to our Patrons:
Peter Bryant
Jacob Haller
Laura Neill
Christine Mier
David Floyd
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  1. I was listening to the Mockingbird Show, and then got into your interview with Todd Fisher. You asked us to let you know about other Debbie Reynolds movies. I would suggest “Mother” with Albert Brooks. I thought it showed yet another appealing side of Debbie.

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