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VL’s Top Posts of the Week


This week saw a lot of traffic thanks to TCM screening The Moon is Blue (it should be easy to figure out this week’s top post).

10. The Moon is Blue (1953)

Part of this film’s popularity is its refreshingly risque material. It continues to delight every time I see it! And I just found out Warner Archive finally released this on DVD a few years ago. Looks like I need to contemplate a purchase.

9. Old Hollywood Book Reviews: Veronica – The Autobiography of Veronica Lake

Another week of love for my beloved Veronica.

8. Happy Birthday to Me!

Thank you everyone who left me birthday comments! And even if you didn’t thanks for giving this a read.


7. Portrait of Jennie (1948)

I did this as part of Summer Under the Stars but three days later TCM showed it as part of their regular programming.

6. To Be Or Not to Be (1942)

“So they call me Concentration Camp Ehrhard?”

5. Dear Heart (1964)

This quirky rom-com aired on TCM.

4. High Society (1956)

3. Rachel and the Stranger (1948)

2. Kristen ReCasts the Classics: Laura

Wow, I guess I should be timelier with these posts. I got over one hundred views for my recasting of Laura, an article I hope is never more than a funny dream casting.

1. Gone Too Soon Blogathon 2012: Maggie McNamara

Maggie McNamara continues to inspire, as evidenced by the 205 hits I received on this post.


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